Do Water Filter Pitchers Work February 2022

Do water filter pitchers work? Let’s Debunk the myth.

Have you ever drunk a glass of water that tasted funky and odd? Well, a lot of us have at a ton of places. But what if your home water tastes different than usual? Well, this might be the time to take optimal measures to clean your water. As an affordable option, water filter pitchers are a perfect choice for water purification. But the main question that arises is that do water filter pitchers work?

Do Water Filter Pitchers Work

Water filter pitchers are used to clean tap water from its impurities, all you need is to pass the water through the filter on the pitcher, and it will do the rest of the work by itself. As it sounds very promising, many people believe that water purification through a filter pitcher is a complete failure. This leads to confusion among the people about whether to buy one or not. Today we will see that do water filter pitchers work, or is it all a total myth. You can also read 5 Best Glass Water Filter Pitchers

Do water filter pitchers work? A detailed answer:

The overall answer in most of the cases, yes! They do extraordinarily well. But they perform best in certain conditions. These include a good quality filter pitcher and its promising composition. Let’s discuss the facts that proved that water filter pitcher can perform their best under all conditions.

For your question related to do water filter pitchers work, we answered yes! But exactly how can you tell that they work. Almost all of the water filter pitchers have a filter through which water passes slowly to purify. So we can see that the main game of water filtration revolves around the filters. See the composition of the water filter system to clear up your mind.

Filter composition:

The filter in the pitcher is mainly composed of activated charcoal. We all have heard of this material. They are readily found in skincare, toothpaste, and much more. The top quality of activated charcoal is that it is so highly porous. Its porosity can capture particular matter like certain metals, and dirt doesn’t, and many other things alter the taste of water.

Process of filtration:

This activated charcoal, when it comes in contact with water, it gets highly porous. It absorbs all the big and inconvenient chemicals and metals, including chlorine, mercury, zinc, tin, copper nitrous chemicals that cause the water’s foul odor and flavor. The filtration takes time ranging from 15 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on the quality of filter pitchers. But in the end, it gives clear and good-tasting water.

Ion exchange resin:

Some water is hard, which means that it contains calcium and magnesium ions that form scum when handed with soap. This hardness also tempered the flavor of water and its quality after a certain level. If water filter pitchers work, ion exchanges it is one of the specialties found in the water filter pitchers of some kind.

It entraps calcium and magnesium ions and any other ion particles that alter the water’s flavor. In this way, not only the hardness of water is removed, but also the flavor is enhanced, and the drinks are made healthy.

Capturing of microorganisms:

Who says that water only contains metallic particles? Normal water especially taps water that runs in your house supplies, is loaded with organisms besides metals. These include certain viruses, bacteria like E Coli , specific pathogens,  protozoan, and harmful pesticides that run through your water supply line along with heavy metals.

When entered successfully into the human gut, these bacteria can cause a ton of damage than you can expect. The pesticides in the farms are used to kill insects present in the food and vegetables, but the water running through them dissolved these pesticides, and somehow through contamination, they enter your daily home supply. They can be damaging for human health, and you surely do not want your kids or your loved ones to drink this.

These all harmful pathogens are removed through micro porous filtration. By the pitcher’s filter, all these trim materials are removed by filter pitchers through different filtering qualities and mechanisms depending on every filter type. So, do water filter pitchers work on micro pathogens? Yes.

What type of pitcher filter to buy?

Do water filter pitchers work? Now you can say yes. But how do you know what one to buy? You can buy premium quality filter pitchers, which NSF approves.

  • If a water filter pitcher is NSF certified, it provides ideal quality and is very optimum for your household.

Water filters pitcher maintenance:

Water filter pitchers are pretty easy to maintain as compared to extensive filtration systems. All you need to do is change your filter once every two months, all at least every month, for premium filtration of your drinking water.

You can change it after filtering every 40 gallons of water also.

Their filters are not even expensive. They only range from at least five to a maximum of 15 to $20, which are in everybody’s range and affordability. So if you are looking for a cheaper filtration option, the water filter pitchers will work best for you.

Advantages of water filter pitchers:

The advantages of water filter pitchers are as follows.

  • It is cheaper as compared to other filtration options.
  • It is easy to use and operate.
  • You don’t need to install high quality and expensive water filtration system in your house if you have this.
  • It is portable, and you can take it everywhere with you.


In this article, we talked about that do water filter pitchers work or not, and in the end, we found that yes, they do, but it all depends on the quality and filtration system of the filter pitchers. It is also a tiny gadget, but it has optimum composition and construction to filter out a maximum of unwanted materials like chlorine gases, chemicals, metals, and all the bio Organisms that can be lethal for your health.

It is easy to use, but it is also inexpensive and easy to travel with. So if you are looking for an inexpensive water filtration system that can give you the maximum water filtration for your family, then water filter pitchers are the best option for you. Thanks for reading this article. We will see you soon.