Do Shower Filters Work February 2022

Do Shower Filters Work

You must be wondering why a person would use a filter in the shower head as we don’t take into account the quality of water we use for washing or bathing as it’s not going inside us. But here is a bubble buster for you, as important as the water you drink needs to be filtered likewise the water used for bathing must be too.  There are a lot of impurities and chemicals like chlorine added by the water department to kill the germs from the freshwater before it reaches you. But along the way, not only these but many other metals and harmful chemicals and bacteria are added too.

Do Shower Filters Work

These harsh chemicals and impurities cause allergic reactions like rashes, acne, or spots on the skin and scalp resulting in dry and damaged skin and hairs. Here comes the part where your shower filters work to eliminate the problem. With shower filters, the water comes out filtered and less damaging and is extremely necessary for homes with kids and people with sensitive skins. You may also read Can You Use an Oven With a Broken Element so you will know well.

Need of shower filter

Here is a list of main reasons to convince you why one should buy a shower filter and what are the key factors against which the shower filters do work.

1.    Chlorine and chloramine addition

Chlorine and chloramine are used for disinfecting freshwater by the authorities.  The traces of these chemicals remain in the washing and drinking water. Chlorine and chloramine can be absorbed by the skin of humans and can impose quite harmful effects on the health. The major effects of these chemicals are dry and rough skin and hairs, respiratory disorders, throat irritations, and also exposure to carcinogens. These chemicals need s to be filtered before using the treated water to save yourself from their harmful effects

2.    Skin irritation

Due to harsh chemicals plus the other impurities, the skin gets dry and irritable, causing acne breakout, rashes, pigmentation, and eczema. This water dehydrates the skin and using it for a prolonged period may cause serious skin problems. No matter how good skin products you use of the water is of bad quality then nothing is of use

3.    Hair fall

Due to the chlorine and chloramine in the treated water, the hairs also get dry and brittle, and over time they get so dehydrated and rough that you will face severe hair fall. Now a day’s hair fall is one of the biggest problems and people don’t get that the main reason for that is the chemical added water. Shower filters work to absorb all the harsh chemical that cause hair fall

4.    Itchy scalp

With the dehydrated inner skin, the scalp also gets dry and causes dandruff that doesn’t get cured no matter what you apply. Usually, in kids and babies, the scalp is very sensitive and using unfiltered water not only irritates it but also causes scalp issues such as cradle cap, dandruff, scalp allergies, etc.

5.    Scaling

Untreated water not only damages your health and skin but also is damaging for your bathroom and house interior. Due to the chemicals and impurities in the water, there is a deposit of these on the tiles and the taps and you will notice scaling on your bathroom walls, tiles, and sanitary items, making them look old and dirty. Shower filters do benefit you in saving your washroom from scaling and causing expensive repairs afterward.

6.    Bacteria

We don’t drink the tap water as it is even if it’s filtered and prefers to boil it because of the bacteria which might be present there. Likewise bathing with water with bacteria is equally harmful to small kids as they can swallow some while showering and also the bacteria may cause any skin infections too. Shower filters work to remove these harmful bacteria from, the water making it safer.

7.    Lead and copper

Lead and copper are highly dangerous and cancer-causing metals and must be avoided to get in contact with the human body, either by drinking, inhaling, or by contact. So for small kids and pregnant ladies this water may cause damage to their skin and health and shower filters must be used to remove them. Check out here are the 7 best shower filters for blonde hair you must like.

How do shower filters work in purifying the water?

Here is the basic mechanism of shower filters by which they purify the water coming from the showerhead.

1.    Copper and zinc oxidization layer

In the first step, a shower filter contains a layer of metals like copper and zinc which reduces the amount of chlorine in the water

2.    Carbon layer

Next is a layer of carbon filters that filter out the chloramines, other hard metals, and any bad smell or odors present in the water giving it the fresh feel

3.    Infrared layer

Last is the layer of infrared balls that induces negative ions in the shower water making it softer and improves hydration.

Benefits of using a shower filter

Now we have a clear idea of why should we buy a shower filter and does a shower filter works to make the water quality better and safe for use. Here are some key benefits that using a shower filter implies:

1.    Healthy skin

With soft and more hydrating water the moisture of your skin won’t loose and it will glow more and be healthy from a regular hygiene routine. Not only this with filtered water your skin will look fresher and younger and be safe from any skin allergies, hives, acne, and eczema that harmful chemicals or bacteria may cause.

2.    Chemical-free water

Shower filters work great in removing the added amount of chlorine and chloramines from the water and other hard chemicals such as sulfur, lead, or copper. With chemical-free water, there is no reaction to your skin or health and even if any drops get into your mouth while showering you need not panic.

3.    Better hair and scalp health

With soft chemical-free water, the scalp will be hydrated and healthy in result the hair fall reduces and you will get back your shiny, healthy hairs again

4.    Good for respiratory issues

For children and adults with respiratory allergies and weaknesses can get a serious reaction to chlorine and water with chlorine is very dangerous for them. Also for small babies and kids showering with chlorine-treated water may be a cause of long-term respiratory disorders. Shower filters work impressively to remove it from the water making respiratory health better.

5.    Safe water for children and pregnant ladies

Skin disorders like eczema and hives are mainly caused in small children due to chemically treated water damaging their skin. Many congenital disorders are reported to be linked with chlorine exposure via drinking or contacting. So it is strictly recommended to use shower filters for pregnant ladies and babies to save them for larger damage.

6.    Lower repair costs

Be it your house repairs or your cosmetic items there is a big cut into that expenditure by using shower filters. With better water, there is no scaling and your skin and hair also get great. So, save a big chunk by not getting to buy so many lotions, creams, shampoos, and repairs of the bathroom.

7.    General health and cancer-preventing

Chlorine is found to be associated with the risk of breast and bladder cancer and to reduce your chances of any disorders or cancer-causing element shower filters are a must to use when there is highly treated chlorine water coming in your water supply.

So, this is a brief overview of how the shower filters work and how important they are for your health and safety. But if you want to learn more in depth about Why should you buy a shower filter for better skin and shinier hair then you should learn it as well. Get one now to install in your showerheads and ensure a good healthy environment for you and your family.