What Blenders Do Jamba Juice Use February 2022

What Blenders Do Jamba Juice Use

For smoothie lovers and people wishing to get fresh cold-pressed juice or shakes Jamba juice is one the most renowned and favorite places for all. The company was founded in 1990 and is a well-reputed juice and smoothie chain in the US and all over the world

What Blenders Do Jamba Juice Use

The juices and smoothies by Jamba juice are loved by all and you can get any smoothie or fruit or vegetable juice/ shake according to your choice. They also offer vegetable or fruit bowls as you like and also breakfast and baked items too.

The smoothies and shakes are well blended given the smooth and rich consistency that everyone loves. To achieve that the franchise uses heavy-duty blenders that crushes the ice and fruits/vegetable completely into a smooth blend.

Jamba juice used the Vitamix blenders but now they have shifted to the blendtec blenders. Both of the blenders and smoothie makers are good in their respects and gives the perfect shakes and smoothies. Let have a quick on their features and how they are beneficial to use.

Vitamix Blender:

The Vitamix blender is one of the most expensive and multi-functional blenders available on market. The blenders are used by many famous chains such as Starbucks and smoothie king. Not only smoothies and shakes are made by this blender but also you can make a dough, crush nuts, whole juices, and much more. The blade speed and power are great.

The Vitamix blenders are known for their reliability and there are rarely any mechanical faults reported in the use of Vitamix which is about 6% less than any other brand. The blender replaces a lot of house items and functions in many roles of a food processor. The new series of Vitamix blenders come with self-detect technology and built-in programs and timers. The container wirelessly detects the size and chooses the function accordingly to give you the best and completely smooth blend.

The built-in timer is a lifesaver if you don’t want to attend to the blender the whole time. Just select the program and the blender will blend and auto-stop. With the touch screen and app controls, you can easily select the preprogrammed recipes also you can enter your desired timing, textures, or container levels. The auto-clean function of the device is heaven and you don’t have to follow the complex procedure to do that.

The company gives a year warranty for the blender and the Vitamix blender does run more than that with great functionality. Although they are quite expensive but investing in such great personal blenders pays off greatly in your business.

Blendtec blenders

Talking about the Blendtec blender these are very expensive ones but the speed and blade power of the bender is such great that it can even blend the pieces of a mobile phone. These blenders are well known for their smart touch technology with pre-programmed recipes and auto shut so that only with one touch you can start blending and just get smoothie out later, no need to be there the whole time. The blender also offers manual function with a 50-sec cycle each. With an additional pulse option, you can get a chunkier blend if you wish to.

The microprocessor run display screen on the blender displays the cycle times and number which was utilized before by Jamba juice to charge the customers according to cycle numbers but now it’s not used.

The blenders are very powerful and heavy-duty, from hot soups to icy smoothies you can make all. Blendtec blending power and consistency while using frozen fruits, nuts, or ice cubes are very impressive. The blender is very convenient to use with easy recipes and press button options. It has a self-cleaning option too and multiple speed option included

Size-wise blendtec blenders are more compact and easier to place in a cupboard or on the kitchen counter. Also with a warranty included the blenders are safe for long-term use. Price-wise they may be a bit expensive from Vitamix but considering overall functionality and performance blendtec surpasses the Vitamix ones perhaps that is why Jamba juice has switched from Vitamix to blendtec.

What makes Jamba Juice choose blendtec over Vitamix?

Vitamix has been a brand used for a long in the Jamba juice outlets but recently the company has started its all outlets powered by blendtec blenders. Both the companies are top-notch and the blenders offer great performance and quality. Some of the benefits of using blendtec blender that overpower the Vitamix blender are:

Smooth touchscreen

The touch screen of the blendtec blender is quite sleek and easy to use with slight touch you can easily select your desired setting without having to click multiple times


The blendtec blenders are apiece of great automation, with one-touch functionality and auto shut off option the blender is an appeal for tech lovers. The microprocessor is fast and programmed effectively to handle all tasks and automatically assess the required number of cycles, speed, and container capacity by sensing the level.

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Blade speed and power

Blendtec blender comes with strong blades that are powerful enough to crush solid items even. The speed can be controlled accordingly and for high-speed blending of frozen items, there is no blender best than the blendtec blenders. With the preprogrammed functions and the microprocessor to choose the speed itself, the blender is efficient for making great smoothies and whole juices just like the customer prefer. The machine’s power is immense and usually, for commercial use, a blender with this much power will win the race

There are many blendtec blenders from low price range to commercial ones and at Jamba juice, they use a variety of models used according to the orders. Although in some aspects the Vitamix blenders are better but keeping in mind that the main business of the Jamba juice is smoothies and juices, in which the blendtec blenders beats all. With the use of blendtec juicer blenders in their outlets the Jamba juice smoothies have become richer and smoother.