How to Prevent Grease Build Up in Kitchen? (The Important Advice You should Never Miss)

An Important piece of advice on How to Prevent Grease Build Up in Kitchen:

The kitchen is the most important room in every house. A kitchen is a place where you and your family are cooking. The cleanliness and beauty of every kitchen are more important for health. Grease is a great challenge to clean the kitchen and its appliances. Every woman from all over the world is worried about grease build up in kitchen.

Every cupboard and sink is greasy. Due to grease everything in the kitchen is to be oily and sticky. So it is more important to prevent build up in kitchen. The purpose of this article to provide information about greasing in the kitchen and how can avoid greasing in the kitchen.  Make sure your kitchen should be a safe room where you and your family avoid slipping, cut and burn also.

How to Prevent Grease Build Up in Kitchen

How to Prevent Grease Build Up in Kitchen?

Why grease build up in kitchen?

The answer to this question is so simple, the small drops of cooking oil have been spotted up into the air. These small droplets are so small that they can float in the air in the kitchen.

When we cook something the small droplets of oil are spread around the stove. If we clean the specific area with a soft cloth then no grease produced in the kitchen otherwise such oil droplets convert into layers of grease.

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Causes of greasing in Kitchen:

There are many causes that create greasing in the kitchen.

  • Carelessness on cooking time especially at the time of frying something built-up greasing on stove, cupboards, the roof of kitchen and shelves also.
  • Less cleanliness of duct built up grease in kitchen.
  • The poor ventilation system in the kitchen is one of the important reasons which built up grease in kitchen.
  • No proper system of disposing of waste material from the kitchen also cause grease in your kitchen.
  • Ignorance of protective equipment like an exhaust fan, splatter guard around the stove, and exhaust hood etc are the main cause of built up greasing in kitchen.
  • Leakage of food and oil during cooking.
  • Food filtrate in cooking tools
  • Frying, Roasting and cooking are the main sources to build up grease in kitchen.


How to prevent grease build up in kitchen?

You can prevent our kitchen from grease by using these techniques:

  1. Kitchen cleanliness

Clean kitchen on regular basis with degreaser, soft cloth, hot water and several products are available in the market for clean greasing from the kitchen. You may also check 6 Best Pressure Canners For Glass Top Stove. Clean the stove before and after the cooking process with tissue and cleanser. If you cannot do this the grease stays in the form of layers on the stove which make it much greasy and dirty your stove and shelves.

Use warm water to wash tools and workplace after cooking and preparing raw materials like eggs, vegetables, meat, fish chicken and beef etc. A neat and clean kitchen provides a healthy atmosphere for cooking which make everyone healthy. A dirty and unhealthy kitchen can a course of different diseases like diarrhoea.

      2. Ventilation of kitchen:

Designed your kitchen well airy and ventilated. Proper ventilation of the kitchen is very necessary to prevent grease built up in kitchen. You must run the exhaust fan which is also known as a hood fan when you cooking something in the kitchen. It is necessary to demolish fumes, smoke and greasing produced during cooking. Exhaust fans help to prevent grease build up in kitchen. The window in the kitchen must open during cooking. This is the best way to ventilated the kitchen. The air in the kitchen must be fresh.

     3. Splatter guard:

Splatter guard is an easy and affordable tool that helps you stop float oil droplets all around the stove in your kitchen. The smoky and greasy air is under control through this.

     4. Clean yourself :

Clean yourself at the time of working in the kitchen. Wash your hand after cooking, because oily hands can build up grease in kitchen cupboards, shelves, and draws also. If you will touch cupboard or door of the kitchen with oily hand than after some days your kitchen doors are too much greasy and dirt also.

Make sure to cover your head during cooking. Because oily drops float in air during cooking so it drops down on your head also. Vinegar is also used for cleansing grease build-up in kitchen. Spray vinegar on the greasy area in your kitchen and rest them for 15 to 20 minutes. After the given time take a sponge with hot water and rub it on the effective area. You sea your cupboard s, shelves, tab, sink, widow, door, float, and stove will be neat and fully cleaned now.

How to prevent grease build up in kitchen?


  1. Exhaust Filter

You can prevent grease build up in kitchen by using an exhaust filter. It also prevents the kitchen from smoke, grease fire and contaminating the ecosystem. It also keeps the air duct and entire HAVC system cleaner.

  1. Wastage of greasy material :

Don’t waste greasy material in the sink. At the time of washing dishes, bowls, and pans clean oily grease from pots with napkins and put it into the plastic bag then through into bin.

Major Disadvantages of greasing build up in kitchen:

  • A large amount of grease can create a blockage problem in sink sewerage pipes.
  • The cupboard, doors and sink are looking so dirty.
  • Grease and dirt can make your kitchen quite unhealthy.
  • Grease build up in kitchen may cause of fire in the kitchen.
  • Due to grease on the floor, you can slip and increase injury chances.
  • Greasing in a commercial kitchen is very dangerous. It may cause a heavy loss of material, food, building, and human loss also.

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How to prevent grease build up in kitchen?


  • There are roughly 16600 cases of cooking fire in the US have reported. So, if you are safe yourself and your family from fire during cooking or doing any other work in the kitchen prevent greasing built up in kitchen.don’t put water on greasing fire in the kitchen or any other place. Put soil in that place which helps you to put off the fire. And if possible then place a fire extinguisher at your home to safely handle this kind of situation. Don’t keep flammable items near the cooking place.
  • Note cooking time especially when you leave the kitchen during cooking.
  • Grease creates a blockage in kitchen sewer pipes, in kitchen sink pipes and also in your main sewerage hole. In case of maintenance of pipes and your budget must be disturb because this treatment is very costly. So, avoid wasting greasy material in the sink and tab holes also.