Does A Refrigerator Need A Dedicated Circuit? Mostly Yes,

Does A Refrigerator Need A Dedicated Circuit?

Most of our population thinks, what is a refrigerator? A refrigerator is a home appliance designed in such a way that it transfers heat from the internal to the external environment. So, inside of it remains cooled at a temperature below the room temperature. The main reason for having this appliance is to keep all the food cooled. Internally, the refrigerator has a low temperature that keeps your food cold and fresh for a longer time. One benefit is that bacteria can not destroy the food because its activity gets slow. Isn’t it a genuine comfort for you?

Does A Refrigerator Need A Dedicated Circuit?

The components of a refrigerator are; a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and an expansion valve.

When you use it in summer, you called it a refrigerator. When you use it in winter for cooling, you called it a heat pump. When refrigerant starts circulating, we convert the liquid into gas. It cools the surrounding area and produces the required effect. Capillary tube reduces the pressure on refrigerant for changing the liquid into gas. In case, if you need our refrigerant back in a liquid condition; you should compress the gas to a higher temperature. After this, gas gets cooled under high pressure in the condenser, so its contents get cooled. Finally, it changes back into a liquid. This process repeats and again.

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A common question comes to the mind of every person. Does A Refrigerator Need A Dedicated Circuit?

Let me explain first, what is a dedicated circuit? As the name shows, it’s a dedicated device, you can use it for only one device. We dedicate it to one device only. They prevent the overloading and tripping of a circuit breaker. A dedicated circuit provides us with a surety that our appliance will work without overloading other home appliances.

So Answer to the Question Does A Refrigerator Need A Dedicated Circuit? Yes, a refrigerator needs a dedicated circuit. If you don’t pull in a dedicated circuit; there’s a high chance of overloading. If you want our refrigerator to work efficiently, you should go for this option. Most appliance manufacturers recommend us this option because they knew which thing best suits our electrical appliance. We need a 20amp circuit for kitchen appliances. It’s best to plug in this circuit for safety purposes.


There are two main types of dedicated circuits; you can choose any of them as per requirements.

  2. 30-50 AMP CIRCUIT


Let us discuss the first one.


A 20amp circuit has only one slot that looks like an alphabet ‘’T’’. If you use it as a dedicated circuit, it acts as a single circuit instead of a duplex. We use this circuit mainly in kitchen appliances like toasters, microwave ovens, coffee mixers, and many more to prevent overloading. The main reason is that it provides power to only one device. 2400 watts are present on this circuit that means a lot. This circuit has 20 breakers on its handle, so we called it a 20amp circuit.


Heavy appliances that require more electricity for drawing a lot of power need a 30-50 amp circuit. A tremendous difference that develops between 30 and 50 amp circuits is that a 30amp Circuit includes three wires; one 120volt wire (hot), ground wire, and a neutral wire. Whereas a 50 amp circuit comprises four wires; two 120 volt wires, a neutral wire, and a ground wire. In terms of betterment, a 50 amp circuit is much better than a 30 amp circuit as it provides three times more power than a 30amp circuit. Both provide ‘’double pole’’ protection because they prevent tripping of a circuit breaker and overloading.

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You don’t need to install this circuit on your own. Some manufacturers inform you they have already equipped a dedicated route on your device. So, there’s no problem. If there is no dedicated circuit on your device, call your manufacturer and ask him to install it fastly. Natural Electrical Code required these circuits to prevent overloading.


It’s a line that approaches the single appliance from the panel. It is fixed in the electric box of your device. Keep in mind that you can use it for only one device, not over one. Even the other appliance cannot use this energy. Interestingly, there’s a code on the box; you cannot use it for separate devices. It proves beneficial for heavy appliances. Those appliances that need several electrical powers can use this circuit and use the required amount of energy. These circuits are costly but efficient as they prevent the blowing of a fuse and tripping of a circuit breaker. One more thing; these circuits not only provide the required amount of amps to your appliance, but they expand the lifespan of your appliance and breaker.


When you connect many appliances to a single circuit, there is a possibility that the power capacity of all the devices may cross the limit of wire and circuit. It becomes difficult for us to handle, stumbling over the circuit breaker will occur, and it causes overloading. It produces a burden on the whole electrical system. It is what we called overload.

This situation is common in many houses. For example, when you connect the fridge, oven, coffee mixer, and toaster to one circuit. This is the principal cause of overloading. Many renovated houses experience this condition because there’s no proper check sometimes.

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To prevent overloading, you should install dedicated circuits for the betterment of our expensive appliances. Each appliance will work independently without depending on another device. There is always an equal amount of power for each device.


Consequently, those people who want to prevent overloading and want to have the perfect working refrigerator should install this Circuit. Dedicated circuits matter a lot in our daily routine. Science has made great wonders; one of them is a dedicated circuit. You should ensure that you have installed this circuit in our refrigerator. There are many advantages of this circuit discussed in the article. I hope you can get an idea from this article.