Is Vanilla Extract Good for Coffee? Surprising Facts

Surprising Facts About Is Vanilla Extract Good For Coffee:

Most people drink coffee every day. Not for one time, but many times a day. Coffee works as a source of energy in one’s life. Morning coffee is everything you need to start your day. But for that purpose, the morning coffee should be the best. The best coffee in the morning makes your whole day best. So, it would help if you do anything you can to make it the best and most energetic.

You have tried to add different things to your coffee to change its flavors, like cocoa powder, coconut milk, etc. But now, it’s time to try a new flavor with vanilla extract. You might have different questions in your mind related to vanilla extract, such as what are its health benefits, its dangers, and how much vanilla extract in coffee is better for you. We will have all the discussions related to this topic to make it easier for you.

Is Vanilla Extract Good for Coffee

Can you Use Vanilla Extract in Your Coffee?

Before moving forward, you should know whether you can use vanilla extract in your coffee or not. The answer is “yes.” If you love the taste of vanilla essence, then, of course, you can add it to your coffee.  But if you are afraid of consuming more calories, then there is no need to worry. You have its alternate too. You can use sugar-free vanilla extract in your coffee to enjoy its taste.

How much Vanilla Extract in Coffee Should You Use?

Using an exact quantity of vanilla essence is very important. If you use an excessive amount of vanilla extract in your coffee, it will not taste good, and there are other drawbacks. For making the perfect cup of coffee with vanilla extract, choose the right way and the correct quantity. You can do it using coffee machines too. You need to add only a few drops of vanilla extract to your coffee before brewing

After that, leave it for brewing, and you will get your coffee mug prepared with a lovely taste and smell of vanilla extract. But there is one thing you should know: the more you mix the vanilla extract in your coffee, the richer you get the flavor of it. If you are finding this interesting then this question How to Make Black Garlic in a Food Dehydrator might be useful to you

What Happens if You Use More Quantity of Vanilla Extract

Here is what you should be aware of. If you are using an organic vanilla extract, keep in mind that it contains some forms of alcohol. Due to this, when you add a large quantity of vanilla extract, your coffee becomes bitter. In some cases, the taste of coffee becomes sour. It is because of the alcohol used in the section you are using. So, it is necessary to keep remembering how much vanilla extract in coffee would be better for you concerning your taste.

You might be thinking that what if it happens by mistake?

Don’t worry; there are solutions to this problem too. You can use different things to improve the taste of your coffee. First of all, you can add sugar according to your preference to avoid the bitterness of the coffee. But if you are not willing to use sugar, you have some other options, including cinnamon and coffee creamer. Add these things to your coffee, and you will see the magical results.

How Long Does Vanilla Extract Last?

If you are using pure organic vanilla extracts, you will not repurchase them until you finish the old ones because the organic ones last forever, and don’t go wrong. There are different vanilla extracts available in the markets that you can use for up to four to five years. However, organic vanilla extracts are more preferred for use. It is because they will give a natural aroma and taste to your coffee.

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Health Benefits of Vanilla Extracts

Vanilla extracts are not only suitable for the taste of your coffee only; it has many health benefits too. Let us see its advantages below:

  • It is perfect for brain-boosting and its health.
  • It freshens the mood and makes you active.
  • It is helpful for stress relieving and various body pains such as joints pain, back pain, headache, etc.
  • Vanilla extracts are very beneficial for stomach issues. It stimulates the working of the stomach, improves digestion and stomach pain.

Can you Use Vanilla Syrup instead of Vanilla Extract?

Vanilla syrup is made from a combination of vanilla extract and simple syrup. This combination makes its taste too sweet which would be harmful to you as it would have more calories. So, it is not a good option to choose vanilla syrup as it will cause many health issues.

At the same time, the vanilla extract doesn’t have so many calories with a sweeter taste. And another important question How to Make Hot Chocolate in a Large Coffee Maker? It is a pure vanilla extract that is beneficial for your health. Choose pure vanilla extract to make it best for your coffee and your body and mind maintenance. You can use both of them in your cup of coffee to add a taste of vanilla to it. Please choose your favorite one and make your day with it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to change the taste of your coffee with vanilla extract but are not sure about using it, then try it now. Vanilla extract is the best to use as the pure one is very helpful for your health. It doesn’t have extra carbohydrates and fats. So you should not get worried about calories too.

The only thing you need to look for while making a coffee with vanilla extract is to know how much vanilla extract in the coffee you should use. Because using it in large quantity can ruin the taste of your coffee. Use a dropper to use it properly. Pour 2-3 drops into your coffee and mix it well to get a flavor of vanilla.