How Can a Microwave Oven have a Metal Rack?

How can a microwave oven have a metal rack?

We have always thought that putting metal inside the microwave oven is strictly forbidden. Like it was never an option.

Yet there are some models of this appliance available in the market which offer this extra feature. Despite the fact that this seems like an extra and unnecessary feature, it has its own perks.

How Can a Microwave Oven have a Metal Rack?

So the questions hit our brain: how can a microwave oven have a metal rack?

How can they work together when we have always followed the rule of no-no metal in the microwave?

Is it actually safe to use a metal rack or shelf in a microwave?

Here we are just going to  answer all of your questions related to the placement of a metal rack or shelf in the microwave oven.

The metal rack in a microwave oven is indeed a favorable addition that provides us with a number of premium options. Such as cooking, baking and heating more than one dish at a time. Cooking and defrosting at the same time.

You can also cook food items such as meat on the rack that takes more time than usual. More importantly the heat of the oven circulates around the empty space of the oven and heat is evenly distributed around the food.


●      Is The Metal Rack Or Shelf In The Microwave Oven Safe To Use?

Yes, these shelves are pretty much secure and harmless if they are used appropriately.

Because these shelves are moulded to adjust and integrate with the body and framework of the oven.

It is recommended not to use an ordinary rack in place of the original one that came with the oven. It might seem or look similar but the original ones are shaped to align with the oven.

The rubber or plastic clips attach the rack to the walls of the oven and hold it in place. In this way, the metal does not come into direct contact with the walls of the oven.

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●      Why Does The Sparking Or Arcing Occur?

Sparking or arcing usually happens if the shelf brushes against the walls of the microwave oven. Because the walls of the microwave are structured in a way to keep the waves trapped inside it, just like that it is only the food that gets warm and not the things around the oven. And the microwaves are absorbed by the food.

Sometimes it is because of the incorrect insertion of the shelf or some other technical issue. In case of technical issues, contact the appliance manufacturers for guidance or replacement.

●      Saves Time And Energy, Prepares More Than One Food Item

The two level microwave oven offers some worthwhile options such as you can cook, grill, bake and heat up two dishes at the same time. Like cooking one thing on the rack and baking the other on the rotating plate. You can also cook and defrost in a short period of time.

Whether you are preparing your meal or heating up the leftovers from last night, it is better to select the food items that take the same amount of time.

For instance, if you are warming up a cup of coffee on the spinning tray, then you can put a food item on the rack that takes a similar amount of time. As an automatic result, you will be able to save a ton of your time and energy.

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●      Useful For Cooking Big Batch OF Food

These shiny metal items come in handy for cooking and heating up large quantities of meals such as casseroles. Because it is unlikely to fit a large container on the rotating plate at the bottom.

●      Thoroughly Cooked Meals

Another favourable aspect is that the heated air flows over and under the rack, thus the temperatures inside the cavity of the oven remain balanced. Distributed proportionally around and over the dish, as a result, you get thoroughly defrosted meals in no time.

Do’s And Don’ts

The additional metal shelf or rack is a blessing. But here is a certain way of doing things. For that reason here are some safety guidelines that you can follow to avoid irreparable damages.


●      Take The Rack Out Of The Oven If It’s Not In Use

The rack is removable and you can easily take it out when you do not want to use it and put it back again.

If you are heating your food on the spinning tray and the rack is no longer in use, then you should take it out of the oven.

You can maneuver it however you like.

●      Browning Dish and The Metal Rack: A Deadly Combo

It is harmful to use a browning dish on the rack or shelf. They are not compatible with each other and can damage the shelf as well as the entire appliance.

Metal or silver cookware, containers, forks, spoons and aluminum foils should not be used on metal stands or shelves.

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●      Always Use Microwavable Dishes  And Containers For Microwave

Steer clear of taking unnecessary risks or putting yourself in danger. Remember that there are certain types of microwave-appropriate plastic containers, pots and dishes, make the most out of them.


●      Refrain from Running A Microwave Oven When Its Empty

It is usually instructed by the manufacturers to refrain from running an empty microwave. But with a metal rack it is prohibited to run it when there is no food in it. Better safe than sorry.

●      Clean The Racks And The Oven For Better Performance

Clean the rack and the oven regularly to avoid the buildup of food particles and dirt. Use soft cotton cloth to clean thoroughly. Do not use any abrasive washcloths and cleaners.

Why Do Some Microwaves Have Metal Racks?

This additional tool gives some added benefits including minimized cooking time, thoroughly cooked meals, and preparation of multiple items in short order. But then again it is completely up to you whether you want to neglect it or make the most out of it.

Final Thoughts

So now you understand how a microwave oven has a metal rack. And why do some microwaves have metal racks? What’s its role in the microwave oven? Now you can take full advantage of this useful tool. You must read this article too Can You Use an Oven With a Broken Element for more information.

As a matter of fact, a metal rack or shelf in the microwave oven is completely worth it and has many fringe benefits. Although you need to take safety precautions to steer clear of the potential damages.