Flat Bottom Pressure Canners February 2022

An Ultimate Guide to Canning in Flat Bottom Pressure Canners:

Canning is a process through which you can preserve your food. Through the healing process, it kills the microorganisms that are harmful and spoil your food. When it is heated, the air is driven out from different bottles or jars. After that, when it cools down, a seal is formed over it, preventing the air from reaching the food. Canning is an excellent method for preserving your food only if you follow the correct steps.

There are different Canning methods. However, a flat bottom pressure Canner is considered the most suitable canning process. Let us now discuss all canning processes in detail and their workings to get to know what the best is.

Flat Bottom Pressure Canners

What are Different Canning Methods

If you are trying to scan your food, it’s the best thing you will perform today. We have brought up different canning methods for you to preserve your food in a better way. It is necessary to have detailed information about the work you are going to perform. So, there are three main canning methods.

  • Steam canning method
  • Boiling water canner method
  • Pressure canner method

The usage of all these methods depends upon the nature of food you are preserving, such as the acidity level of the food.

Steam Canning Method

The steam canner is a shallow pan. It is has a dome cover over it. In this canning process, you use only a tiny amount of water, producing heat in the canner. The steam canners are used to steam the high acidic food such as tomatoes and pickles. The foods with a ph of 4.6 or lower can be canned in a steam canner. In steam canning, you should heat the jars before filling them with the food. You can process the food for 45 minutes in a steam canner.

Boiling Water Canner Method

Boiling water canners are also used for canning high acidic foods. These canners are made up of aluminum. It has a perforated removable rack and lid. Your boiling water canner should be too deep so that the water can be filled up to 1 to 2 inches. The water should move around the jars freely so that they can get proper steam. Mostly, boiling water canners also don’t have flat bottoms, so it would be easy to use them on smooth ranges.

Pressure Canner Method

For processing low acid foods, pressure canning is the most suitable way. Pressure canners are large devices having a lid, safety valves, weights, or digital dials. These canners produce enough steam to process the foods with low acidity. It would be good if you have a flat bottom pressure canner. First, release the air inside your canner for safe canning. After that, lock the lid of your canner and let the water boil to produce the steam. Before pressurizing your canner, you should vent it for at least 10 minutes.

Will these Canners work on Glass Stove?

Canners produce so much heat while canning. This heat will make your cooktop too hot, due to which it can break. When they get overheated, these canners become a risk for one’s life. It can happen in particular with a pressure canner. While pressure canning, if the glass stove gets hot and breaks, the pressure will fall, and your food will remain unprocessed. Let us see what type of canners will work on glass stoves.

Glass top stoves usually support flat bottom pressure canners or other canners which has flash bottoms. So now the question is how and where you can find such flash bottom canners. Below you can see what type of canners is suitable for your glass top stoves.

The Water Bath Canners

Stainless steel canners are suitable for canning on a glass top stove. It is not necessary to ask for specific water bath canners. You can use any pot with a flat bottom but keep in mind that it should have enough capacity to cover the jars under the water and provide it with enough steam; before doing this, check the stove manufacturer information regarding the canning process. If the water bath canning is unsuitable, you can take any other pot and use it by putting a few jars in it one by one.

Pressure Canners

All American Canners do not have a smooth bottom, whereas Presto has flat-bottom pressure cannersYou can choose Presto canners for your canning processes. It is the lighter one and best for the canning process. It also depends on the model of the canner that you buy. According to Presto, all of its canners are suitable for canning on a glass top stove.

However, it is necessary to have accurate information about the manufacturer. Presto canners are considered the only best canners for canning, not only for glass stoves but all types of canning. Its flat bottom surface allows maintaining the heat over the stove and prevents the dangers related to it. These pressure canners are well known for the glass stoves canning.


Canners are used for preserving foods through the heat and steam process. Providing steam and pressure to the food kills all the microorganisms due to which your food can be spoiled. Mostly the canners carry 17 to 19 jars. A suitable amount of water is used in a canner to provide a specific temperature to these jars to save them. There are different Canning methods, including the Steam canning method, boiling water canner method, and pressure canner method.

For canning processes, it is necessary to choose the right canner to work so long and efficiently. If you have a glass top stove, then presto canners are best for you because they have flat bottom pressure canners. Another option for canning is water bath canners that can be used on these stoves if the manufacturer allows them. Even canners can be easily used in refrigerator special outlet.

We hope that this article has clarified all your confusion regarding canners.