Are Knife Blocks Unsanitary?


Knife blocks look like a perfect thing that you can use to maintain your knives. It looks beautiful and unique on your shelves. When you buy a knife block, it seems like you have purchased the best thing for your kitchen. These knife blocks come in different sizes and shapes, which gives your kitchen a fascinating look. There are other slots in one wooden block for your knives. Despite your convenience, it is not that good as it seems to you. Before buying a knife, blocks have you ever thought that are knife blocks unsanitary? If not, then think about it because it can harm you. 

Are Knife Blocks Unsanitary

Are Knife Blocks not good For You?

Knife blocks are of different types. There are magnetic and wooden knife blocks. It depends upon their texture and their work. If you are using knife blocks that have vertical slats are not suitable for your knives. You must be wondering about the reason. The reason is quite logical and straightforward. When your blade slides over the wood, again and again, it causes different cuts over the wooden blocks and harms the knives as well. The knives will leave their sharpness if they continue to drag or slide against the wood. The same thing happens with magnet blocks.

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Why Should You not Use Knife Blocks?

Let us now discuss it in detail so that we can know whether knife blocks are unsanitary or not. 

Knife Blocks Cause You to Overbuy

Whenever you buy the knives, you usually get a set of knives containing 16 to 18 knives. These additional knives make you more excited to buy them. Because you might think that you are getting other knives at very reasonable prices, and you are getting a knife block for free. No doubt, it’s affordable at the price you are paying for it but don’t you think there are so many knives in that set which you do not even use in your whole kitchen life. So, for just taking this set, you buy more than you need.

Knife Blocks Make Your Knives Dull

Your knives can get dull with time. It is a reality that you cannot change. But if you are using the knives on different cutting boards or shelves, it can get dull. The same will happen if you slide your knives in the knife blocks. When you place the knife blade in the block, it does not work correctly and stops working. So it is a significant drawback of knife blocks that it would stop working before it’s real-time as it would make your knives useless.


Knife Blocks Are Full of Germs

 If you have a knife block, then don’t you ever think of cleaning it? If you haven’t cleaned it, stay prepared to face numerous kinds of bacteria growth in your knife blocks. In deep slots of knife blocks, you cannot do proper cleaning with your hands. According to research, yeast and mold have been found in the knife blocks. It simply proves that these knife blocks are increasing the growth of germs in your house. Now imagine using the knives you place in bacterial, full of the germs knife block. There is a lot of dust and debris accumulated in your knife block. It is simply harmful to you and your family’s health.

What Should I use Instead of Knife Block

After answering are knife blocks unsanitary, the only option you should go for instead of knife blocks is magnetic knife strips. It is a wood strip with a magnet in it. So you can quickly get that look and beauty in your kitchen without the knife block. It is easy to manage your knives on that strip, and cleaning it is not a significant matter at all. It is the best-reviewed product in the market. 

Are Magnetic Knife Blocks Good to Use

Not every kitchen needs to have specific space for knife blocks. So the magnetic knife strips have solved this problem also. Magnetic knife wall holders can easily be used and mounted on the wall. You can clean them as it’s open from the side and, it’s not difficult to clean a single strip. So it is germs-free.

Things You Should Consider To Save Your Knives Without Block

There are few essential things that you must not ignore if you want to have your knives in good condition. 

  • It is not good to leave your knives wet. 
  • Don’t wash the knives in a dishwasher. 
  • Please don’t leave them unprotected. 
  • Don’t use the knife over the glass board. 
  • Please don’t leave it dirty. 

Will Hot Water Damage Your Knives

Most people use hot water for cleaning purposes. It is considered that this hot water will kill the germs and clean the product appropriately. It is not wrong at all. You can wash your knives with hot water to make them germs-free, but you cannot use this formula with your knife blocks because your knife block will not get clean with this hot water. Because knife blocks are so deep and the dust and bacteria remain in the deep portions, you cannot remove them in one attempt. But keep remembering if you use boiling water to clean your knives, it can get dull. And also see how to can on glass top stove for more.


Are knife blocks unsanitary? Everyone should know the valid answer to this question because it is all about your health. It is not only your knives. It’s about your lives too. If you are using the knife blocks, it could cause many problems as it has different germs in it. If you do not clean it, the deep areas in your knife block can contaminate the growth of various bacteria and yeast, which then transfer to your knives. 

When you use that knife, the germs automatically move to your food, and your food gets worse. The problem is not with your food. The real problem is your knife block. You might be looking for an alternative to the knife block. Then magnetic knife strip is the only solution. You can choose this strip to solve your problem but not compromise on its cleaning also. Please don’t use your knives on cutting boards, or don’t drag them over the surfaces. You can slice meat with a mandolin. Please make sure you properly clean them. Because in the kitchen, all you need is your knives.