How to Can On a Glass Top Stove

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About How To Can On A Glass Top Stove:

Preserving the food at home is the need of time. It is a perfect way to enjoy your food for a whole year. Canning is a process through which you provide enough temperature to your food to kill the microorganisms that spoils it after some time. So if you want to have a taste of your favorite foods every season, then canning is the most suitable option.

If you have a glass top stove and you think it’s impossible to can over it, stop worrying about it. Now you can easily can over the glass stove by following only a few steps. Let us see how to can on a glass top stove to enjoy canning safely but at first, look at the types of glass stoves.

How to Can On a Glass Top Stove

Types of Glass Stoves

There are two main types of glass top stoves.

Radiant or Regular Top Stoves

There are electric heating elements just below the smooth top. These elements produce heat which then moves from the glass top to the soft top. It then radiates on the surface of the pot and the area around it. Heating elements start and stop their working according to the need. They maintain the temperature necessarily.

Induction Top Stoves

The electric elements below the smooth top are present. The magnetic field is generated from these elements but does not emit heat. This magnetic energy then transfers to the top of the stove, pot, and remaining areas. The magnetic waves collide with the metal and produce heat. This collision makes the metal hot. Then this hot metal heats the pot and the food. This induction method is considered to be more suitable as it directly heats the metal and the food. These induction heating elements do not cycle on and off. They are quick heating processes.

Canning on Glass Top Stoves

Canning on both of the induction or radiant stoves is possible and accessible at all. These are only some of the significant issues that can occur. It would help if you took care of them otherwise; it’s the best option to can on these glass top stoves.

  • It is necessary to check the weight load over your stove. Please don’t ignore the maximum burden it can bear.
  • If you drag the canner over the glass stove, scratches can appear on your stove. Moreover, it can break too.
  • Don’t overheat the canners; otherwise, glass around the burning area may break.
  • It would be best if you used a smooth bottom canner on glass stoves.
  • Use reliable heat to prevent other issues.

Let us now see how to can on a glass top stove in detail.

Steam Can on Glass Top Stove

If you want to steam a can on a glass top stove, there is only one model you can use for this purpose. The stainless steel multi-use canner of Victorio is the certified one for this use. Mostly, during the water bath canning, the water boils too early, which is considered a problem. However, it’s not a massive problem because processing only starts when it comes to a full boiling temperature.

People usually have canners that have ridged bottom, which is not safe for canning. For safe canning on Pressure Canners For Glass Top Stove, it is necessary to have a flat-bottom canner. The flat base allows them to provide specific heat on glass stoves.

Pressure Canning On Glass Top Stove

For pressure canning on a glass stove, it is considered that the cycling of different burners affects the temperatures of the pressures, which is not correct. As described above, induction burners do not cycle while the burner turns itself on and off. Most of the stoves have automatic on and off cycles when they get a large amount of heat. It can, of course, affect food processing. You don’t need to worry about this because it is just made for your safety purpose. However, excessive heat can turn out to be disastrous.

Moreover, when a large pressure canner is placed on the glass stove, the factor of weight load is being discussed. For this purpose, you must get to know the stove manufacturer what maximum burden your stove can bear. Check out your stove model name and ask the manufacturer. The canners in this process should also be flat. The bases of your pots should not exceed out from burner to 2 to 3 cm.


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Tips and Tricks for Canning on Glass Top Stoves


Here are some essential tips and tricks of how to can on a glass top stove.


  • Use a smooth or flat stockpot for the canning process so that the water can get proper heat. If the water will heat adequately, then it would better preserve your food.
  • Don’t ignore the size of the pot or the canner. Try to have a perfect size according to your stove for the ideal canning process. Don’t exceed more than 1 inch for better working.
  • The use of enamel canners is not suitable for glass stoves. They have indentations in the bottom which can cause issues and leave your food unprocessed.
  • Keep changing places of food canners. Don’t can over one place again and again. It can cause your glass stove to break. Keep changing the location. Try alternatives so that you can safely preserve your food.



Canning is essential for preserving food. For preserving, you follow different methods. But the issue arises when you have further questions in your mind regarding canning. The main question related to it is how to can on a glass top stove. It was a significant risk, as people are afraid of breaking their glass stove.

However, it is not a problem anymore. For canning on a glass stove, you have to follow a few instructions, including the use of flat bottom pressure canners, using an accurate size of canners, and keeping the temperatures in view. By following these steps, you can preserve your foods on glass top stoves.

We hope that this article helped you regarding your queries related to the canning on glass top stove.