How to Change the Air Conditioner Filter in the House?

How to change the air conditioner filter in the house?

 The air filters are used to keep soot and dirt out of your HVAC system (heating equipment, ventilation equipment, and cooling or air-conditioning equipment). Lately, AC filters have gotten plenty of attention & notice due to the recent pandemic all over the world. With the uncertainty about the floating transmission of the virus, some artists are commending the use of high-performance filters to cut off virus particles. We spend most of our time in our houses and a closed room so we must make possibilities of clean air in our houses.

How to change the air conditioner filter in the house


Many householders find that changing the filter every three months or so is beneficial. If any of the following apply, you can turnover it more periodically:

  1. You have shedding dogs.
  2. There’s a lot of foot traffic in your neighbourhood.
  3. You’re putting your house up for sale.
  4. Allergy affects everyone in your house.

.When the summer season heats up and you’re using your AC more often, it’s also a good idea to check your filter every month and replace it if it looks dirty. If you are wondering how to change air conditioner filters in the house we have an answer for you.

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Why change AC Filter

Before we help you in tutoring How to change the air conditioner filter in the house let’s have a look at when you need to change them. You’ve to change your AC filters when you’ve noticed that;

  1. The air conditioner unit is on fire.
  2. The air isn’t frosty
  3. The electricity bill has expanded
  4. You’re affected by more allergy outbreaks.
  5. There are more dust and dirt near the hole or air duct.
  6. It sounds that are very loud
  7. When the machine first starts up, it makes odd noises.
  8. When there’s a chemical or burning odor.
  9. When there’s Leakage of water

Changing of AC Filter:-

So, here is the answer of this question How to change the air conditioner filter in the house? Changing AC filters in the house is an easy, simple, and straightforward method. Firstly when you’ve started the changing of filters, you’ve got to understand their location. In many homes, the air cleaner is placed near the thermostat. But in some houses, the air filter is near or around the system. The air filter should be placed precisely behind the cover. Bacteria, mildew, and viruses are stuck and destroyed by the filters in the HVAC system, preventing them from entering the home through the air vents. Thus it is important to replace them as soon as they get filthy. A malfunction with only one of its components could cause your home’s conditioning system failure.

  1. Before beginning any repair, turn off your HVAC system. When adjusting the filter, you don’t want it to turn on or to get started. This is important for two reasons. First, there’s your security and safety. Don’t danger touching or jerking live voltage! The second logic is the defence and security of your apparatus. If you don’t turn it off, dust and debris will stick into the unit. You must turn off the power both at the device and at the circuit breaker.
  2. Remove the Panels to access the filters.
  3. Regulate the ductwork to find the position of your filter. When it comes to your stove, it works in the same way. Furnaces are just the same when it comes to how they function. Before being pumped into your house, outside air is brought in, filtered, and heated:
  4. The other potentially challenging factor is ensuring that you use the required filters. The filter size is usually written on the filter’s side. When in confusion, ask your HVAC technician to get you a supply of the correct amount of filters or show you the size information so you can order them yourself.
  5. It’s easy to switch filters once you’ve found your ideal one.
  6. When a dirty filter has reached the end of its useful life, it will be a dirty, drab, greyish-brown color. If it’s still whitish and seems to be clean, there’s a chance it’s still alive.
  7. If the air filter is dirty, replace it with a new one and discard the existing one.
  8. Recognize the arrow pattern on the filter’s boundary. The arrows must point in the right direction to assure comfortable airflow. The arrows should not be pointed in your direction or at you. Airflow would be limited if they do so. Make sure the arrow on the filter points correctly if the ductwork carrying air into the furnace is on the right side of the furnace.
  9. When you find the arrows, position them in the way they are covering the wall.
  10. Replace the air filter in the return duct opening, gently comfort the basic portion first, then the top portion.
  11. Check that the arrows are pointing in the order of the duct.
  12. To ensure that the filter fits properly into the opening, give it a slight squeeze.
  13. Place the cover to its original position.
  14. Bind and compress the fasteners.
  15. When you replace your air compressor every 60-90 days, you’ll breathe cleaner air.

The task of replacing the ac air filters is now done and you are pro in how to change ac filters in your home now. Since air is flowing freely through your system after eliminating an overfilled or dusty filter, your home will feel more at ease.

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IMPORTANT: Before purchasing higher ability filters for your system, seek advice from a professional. Shortened airflow can cause a drop in performance and even fix problems in some cases. Your machine can also be unable to handle the filter’s size. Write down the date and day when you changed the filtering will allow you to keep aware of how much you change the filter and remind you when it needs to be reviewed. Create a record on your mobile or computer, or write it down anywhere you can easily find it.

How can you improve your HVAC Air quality?

Proper ventilation, regular filter adjustments, and other measures can also help to improve air quality. With proper care and adequate attention, you’ll have the cleanest air you’ve ever had. By checking & take proper care of air ducts because air ducts or air vents are the main reason when your HVAC system provides hot air. One of the main point to improve your HVAC Air quality is using kitchen air vents during the cooking procedure because when you are in the kitchen or cooking in the kitchen, Gas stove discharge harmful pollutants that can badly affect your whole Air quality But if you use cooking vents it could be more effective. Learning to change the ac air filters in the house is an easy task and you can better your HVAC air quality sufficiently by doing so.