How To Clean Copper Pan Bottoms Septemeber 2021

How to clean copper pan bottoms: shinier copper pan with easy cleaning hacks

Copper cookware is one which we all love. Not only the aesthetic point of you but the proper cooking benefits by using copper utensils are immense. The cookware is although expensive and very hard to maintain. The tarnished pots and burnt bottom may seem very unpleasant to view.

How To Clean Copper Pan Bottoms

The pots easily get burned and stained while coking and if you attempt to use the usual cleaning liquid or wire sponge then you may damage it more. The cleaning is preferred to be not grainy or any scrubbing to get the metal scratched.

In supermarts, you will find a variety of cleaning liquids, foams, or sponges that claim to keep your copper pans bottom shining and smooth but after wasting a lot of your money you will still need a solution.

Well, the answer is simple and very cheap. You can easily clean your copper pan bottoms with the common household ingredients and keep your pans like new without hurting your budget and spending hours of hard work on scratching the burnt food from the bottoms.

 Why copper pans?

Before we get into the cleaning of copper pans, there must be a question arising in your head that why on earth should you buy copper pans for cooking, when you can get some normal cookware and save yourself from all this trouble?

Impressive heat conductivity and a beautiful look are the answer to this. The cookware is very beautiful and attractive to cook in and to serve at dinner parties. It gives an exquisite touch to your dining table without a doubt.

Talking about the heat conductivity, so as known by all copper is a very good conductor of heat and electricity and with its proper conduction and quick and perfect heat distribution, it is highly preferred for cooking steaks to get the perfect sear and burn without overcooking the meat.

Copper pans are also more durable and long-lasting and are often passed in generations for years to come. With proper care and cleaning the pans will last for a lifetime and they are totally worth the cost.

Common cleaning issues in copper pans:

If you plan to buy some copper utensils for cooking and want to be prepped up for any cleaning problem you have to tackle, be it the burnt sauce or the sticky rice we are here to make up your mind so you don’t panic when the problem arises and with easy steps and common items save yourself from the hassle.

Normally due to moisture or acidic ingredients such as vinegar or lemon the surface of the copper tarnishes making it look weird and ugly so you must clean it properly and after cooking usually immediately so that it doesn’t get completely discolored.

Another problem is when we cook in copper it is not much preferred to stir more as copper lining may get scratched and copper can get absorb in food so sometimes the food sticks at the bottom and while we reheat the food for serving it gets dried and strongly stick to the bottom. Scratching is out of the question so you are perplexed about what to do? Wait till we bring you some cool hacks for that.

Using the usual cleaning agents may make your copper pans react so you can’t use the common or strong washing liquids and have to specially buy the copper cleaning liquids that are expensive plus hard to find and some may not give you good results.

Quick and easy hacks for cleaning copper pans:

Getting to the main point here is a list of common household item you can use easily to clean you copper pan bottoms without any hassle.

Baking soda and lemon:

This one is the most popular and commonly used hack for cleaning copper pans, just apply a layer of baking soda on your copper pans and then pour some lemon juice on it.  Let the mixture be applied for some time and rinse your pans. You will be spell bounded with the results of seeing the shiny surface and without any hours of standing washing the dishes.


Ketchup is available in every household and can be used for cleaning copper pots or iron, steel pots too. To clean the stubborn sticky food from your copper pan bottoms just soak the bottom in hot water to soften the food. Then apply a thick layer of ketchup on the bottom and leave it on for 1 to 2 hours. Then clean it with a smooth sponge and rinse with hot water. With this trick, the cleaning is super easy and convenient and there will no scratches or damage to your pan’s bottoms.

Lemon juice and table salt:

If you require a bit of scrubbing and don’t want the deep scratched to harm your pot lining then apply this hack. Salt with lemon is a great combination to clean the hard stains from pan bottoms and remove any food that gets burnt in it. To apply this hack take table salt and sprinkle it on the pan bottom. Then cut lemon into half and with the lemon slowly scrub the pan bottom lightly. The salt grains will act as a scrubbing agent plus the salt and lemon juice mixture will remove the food and clean stains giving the copper a great shine and newer look.

Vinegar and salt solution:

If you want a hard solution to clean your copper pans quickly and with less scrubbing then this simple tip is for you. This will clean the copper completely and remove any stains and discoloration and provides a newer shine to it that it will look much better than before.

To make the solution heat a little bit of vinegar mildly in the microwave, once it is heated dissolve 3 tablespoons of table salt in it and make a solution. Spray this solution on your copper pan and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with hot water and your copper pans are cleaned and shiny.

Hopefully, you find these common tricks helpful in cleaning your copper pan bottoms and you will never be going to market again to buy those expensive washing liquids.  And here are the best Copper Frying Pans With these easy-to-apply ideas, your copper will never look tarnished or scratched and you can use them for ages.