Can You Put Copper Pots In Dishwasher? Big No.

Can You Put Copper Pots In Dishwasher?

Copper crockery is widely known for its beauty. The mention of copper crockery takes us to the reminiscent photographic scene of an idyllic kitchen. Copper, in reality, is the primary steel utilized by humans that means copper cookware is one of the foremost historical styles of cookery materials.
Copper is a soft metal than any other iron or steel. Its main advantage is its high thermal conductivity on the cooking surface which enables the heat to spread out evenly. Due to high thermal conductivity, coppers maintain an equal temperature throughout the bottom, saving them from burning or sticking.

 Can You Put Copper Pots In Dishwasher

Can You Put Copper Bottom Pots In The Dishwasher?

To bring the gorgeous sheen to the kitchen, the most common question that people tend to forget is: Can you put copper bottom pots in the dishwasher? The answer is a big NO! Dishwashers are highly not recommended for pots made of copper.
Tossing off your copper cookwares or pots may be very tempting and alluring to sound, but they damage more than you think.
But the question that lingers behind is why? Well, let’s head into its cons to find out why they are considered bad for copper crockery. and another question arises that Are Copper Pans Dishwasher Safe?

Cons of Using Dishwashers for Copper Pots

As we have mentioned above that the use of dishwashers for copper pots is not safe. We have gathered a list of a few of its disadvantages on why you should consider putting your copper pots in the dishwashers and help you decide if you are considering investing in some.

  • Discoloration – Since copper is a soft metal and metals do get oxidized, its shine can’t remain intact. Some of the strong chemicals in dishwashers can make copper pots lose their luster and shine.
  • Removal of inner lining – Once you put your copper pot inside the dishwasher, its solid chemicals, and hot water may cause the removal of its inner lining, which is hazardous for health when you ingest them.
  •  Deformation – Placing copper pots in the dishwasher may deform its shape because of exposure to chemicals. Furthermore, they won’t be of any use later on.
  • Tarnished pots – The polish of copper pots are most likely to come off due to placing them in dishwashers and makes them look tarnished.
  •  Leftovers – Most people, just for the aesthetic and beauty of copper pots, purchase them but find themselves cleaning up copper then regretting later. The burnt fragments of food are rarely removed and are challenging to wash off in a dishwasher when using copper pots which can also damage them.
  •  Scratched Appearance – Dishwashers generally do harsh washing, which leaves scratches on cookwares and results in a dull appearance that does not look appealing to eat in it.

Tips & Solutions for Copper Pots In Dishwasher

Copper crockery is not easy on the budget. They are considered one of the most expensive crockery items. Anything made up of copper is deemed to be costly as copper is made up of expensive metal. Those who use copper pots as an aesthetic and for their uniqueness may face the hindrance of corrosion or rusting once placed in dishwashers.
If you’re a copper fan, you definitely and solely realize how much the high-priced cookware cost. Cookware crafted from copper seems very attractive and aesthetic. It offers a remarkable royal contact in your dining. As plenty, you should even cope with copper pans and pots because it looks properly the greater cautious.
By looking at copper’s historical significance, copper is a high-end product. Yes, it is worth a look. Take ROLEX as an example. They have high-end quality watches, and any Rolex brand enthusiast would gaze at it the same way copper cookware enthusiasts would whether they have the dough to buy it or not.
Considering all of the concerns stated above, you may be wondering whether all of your cash had gone nothing but in vain. You won’t have to worry if that’s the case. We have gathered some of the tips and alternate solutions for you to help you clean your cookware without dishwashers.

  • Soak In Hot Water – The alternate solution for washing copper pots off aside from the dishwasher are to soak them in hot water, which will cause the burnt of stick food to be softened.
  • Lemon & Baking Soda – Usage of lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate can bring wonders as a combination for cleaning and rubber stains off your copper pots. Salts are considered among the best for fighting against stains.
  •  Vinegar & Salt – Sprinkle some generous amount of salt on your cookware and soak them in vinegar. Leave them for half an hour. Rinse them off and pat them dry. This technique will maintain its luster.
  •  Layer Of Ketchup – We know what you are thinking. You might be thinking why you would be applying a layer of ketchup on your cookware RIGHT! Trust us as much. It is gross and may sound weird, but ketchup contains an acid that cleans off tarnish. Just apply a layer of it and rub it across the surface.
  •  Avoid Heating Dry Copper Pots – Avoid heating them since we do not want to degrade the inner lining of copper pans or pots.
  • Polishing – Since copper is metal and corrosion is most likely to occur. So to keep deterioration at bay, you should maintain the regularity of polishing it every three months.


Coming to the end of the topic, we already have presented both pros and cons of putting copper pots in dishwashers. Still, it is up to you to either want to undertake it or, if you are fortunate enough, your copper pots will remain sound and intact. Lot more questions come to mind like Are Copper Pans Oven Safe? We will end this topic by leaving a question behind that: Can You Put Copper Pots In Dishwashers?