How to Make Black Garlic in a Food Dehydrator: The Comprehensive Guide

An Introduction to How To Make Black Garlic In A Food Dehydrator:

Have you ever heard the name black garlic? Black garlic is not known in the old times, but now it’s getting very popular due to its health benefits. Most herbalists use black garlic as a medicine to cure many diseases. Moreover, black garlic adds a great taste to your foods and salads also. Its sweet taste seems a perfect match with any dish. But how can you make black garlic?

It is not difficult to make black garlic in a food dehydrator. In this article, you will learn about the entire procedure of making black garlic in a food dehydrator? Then, make black garlic in the dehydrator and add a unique flavor to your food.

How to Make Black Garlic in a Food Dehydrator


What is Black Garlic?

Before jumping towards the process of garlic making, you should have enough information about it. Black Garlic grows in Asia. It is also considered a fermented food. Black garlic is prepared from the whole garlic under warm and moist conditions for many days. After some time, it changes into clack garlic. It has a great woodsy and sweet taste. The consistency of black garlic is soft. There are different nutritional, antioxidant, and medical advantages that show that you must make it. There are two different types of black garlic which include: semi dehydrated and completely dehydrated. Semi-hydrated garlic is soft, while the dehydrated ones are dry enough to be powdered.

How does Black Garlic Taste?

Black garlic has a taste of the combination of balsamic vinegar and tamarind. It has a sweet taste with the tang of unami and rich molasses. Due to the warm condition, black garlic gets a softer texture. You cannot even feel a little bitterness or the taste or smell of white garlic by its taste. Black garlic is fresher than the white one. If you are finding this interesting then this question Top 10 Best Blenders Under 200 September 2021 might be useful to you

Requirements for Making Black Garlic

There are few important things you need to have to make black garlic. See the list below:

  • Garlic Bulbs
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Food Hydrator
  • Paper Towel

Process of Making Black Garlic in Food Dehydrator

Making black garlic in a food dehydrator is not difficult at all. If you have decided to make the black garlic, then here are the step-by-step instructions. Follow these steps to have your black garlic ready on your shelves.

  • Wrapping Process

Firstly, you need to clean the cloves of garlic. First, wash them and then dry them with a piece of paper cloth. Once it is cleaned, wrap it with a layer of plastic and then use the foil paper over it. Foil paper will prevent the cloves of garlic from electromagnetic fields.

  • Temperature Maintenance

Take out your food dehydrator. Put all the garlic cloves into the containers and place them into the dehydrator. The temperature of the food dehydrator should be at least 145 F to 145F. Now, let the cloves of garlic in it for 40 days. After this period, check the cloves in the containers. If the color of the garlic cloves has turned black, then taste them. Black garlic will not taste like white garlic.

  • Dryness of Garlic Cloves

Check the texture of the cloves. If the texture of the cloves is dry enough to take out a bulb from it easily, then remove the cover. Keep in the notice that black garlic will not be mushy. Make sure about it before taking it out of the dehydrator.

How to Store Black Garlic?

You can store the clove bulbs at room temperature, but if you have uncovered and opened the cloves, you should store them in the refrigerator. Black garlic lasts for a month if kept in a refrigerator. Or you can grind the Black garlic cloves in a coffee maker, which will help you sprinkle them on different dishes to have a perfect taste. It would be best if you stored ground black garlic in airtight containers. Moreover, if you want it to last for months, then pantry storage is the best option to choose.

Tips and Tricks for Making Black Garlic

While making black garlic in food, dehydrators follow these tips and tricks to have outstanding results!

  • Wash the garlic thoroughly and remove the dust from it.
  • For making black garlic, purple and red ones are the best to use. However, others can also be used.
  • Place the garlic in single layers over the tray of dehydrated.
  • Make sure to dry the garlic before putting it into the food dehydrator.
  • For chewier taste, switch on the food dehydrator for two weeks.


How can you Use Black Garlic?

It is not necessary to use black garlic to sprinkle over the food. There are other different uses of black garlic also. You can use black garlic as cooked or raw. You can use black garlic by peeling off the cloves. You can add it to your food after mashing or slicing. However, don’t forget that black garlic will not give your foods a taste of white garlic. Use it according to your requirement and taste in your food.

There are some important ways in which you can use black garlic:

  • Sprinkle black garlic over the pasta, salsas, and soups.
  • You can use it in mayonnaise and salad.
  • You can use black garlic in different deserts.
  • Black garlic is best for flatbread and topping of pizza.

Have a great meal with black garlic!

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Final Thoughts

Some people think that black garlic loses its benefits when made in a food dehydrator. But it’s not true. Black garlic consists of antioxidants and S- Allycysteine, which can cure many diseases such as cancer. With time, the taste of black garlic gets sweeter and can be stored for a long time. We hope that making black garlic in a food dehydrator at the end of this article is not difficult for you anymore.