5 Best Jura Coffee Machines February 2022

What Will be 5 Best Jura Coffee Machines:

5 Best Jura coffee machines are for a coffee lover like me and have spent so much on daily cups in Cafeteria, With the Jura coffee machines, you can make your own house a cafeteria. You can make several specialties like Coffee, ristretto, espresso, cappuccinos, milk foam Coffee, two coffees, two espressos, lungo at home with the one touch of a button. 

5 best Jura coffee machines

Jura has updated itself from time to time and has made so many innovations in its coffee machines, such as the controlled grinder system that gives desired courses of beans. The pulse extraction process ensures to give aroma and flavored rich brews. The filtration system and the self-cleaning system make it super hygienic.

It is not over here; some of them can connect with smartphones and tablets. You can adjust the off/on time as it has a programmed timer feature. You can get your topped milk foam with one click on the Milk frother button. The machine is so precise in making different strengths of coffees. I individually explained every machine below having these specs.

There are so many Jura coffee machines in the market with their distinctive features. It was not an easy task to collect the best of them. But for your convenience, I analyzed and research other home user’s reviews and summarized 5 BEST JURA COFFEE MACHINES in a list. All these have excellent customer feedback and mind-blowing features. You may also read this How To Clean Jura Coffee Machine easily.


Jura is a swiss based company established in 1931. The headquarter of Jura is in Switzerland. Their products are famous worldwide such as in Germany, France, Spain, Uk, U.S.A. The Jura coffee machine’s function is accurate, programmable, customized, easy to maintain, and does not compromise any type of brew’s taste and aroma.No doubt; their coffee machines are not cheap. Still, it is a one-time investment to serve for years.


Below are several key features you should consider before buying the best Jura coffee machine.

 Self Cleaning:

Cleaning of the coffee machine becomes laborious when you have to clean from inside or more problematic when their parts don’t fit back after drainage. That’s why it is very important to check whether it can clean itself automatically, and its parts can fit back accurately. The good news is that all the Jura machines have a self-cleaning system that operates with just one click of a button.


Jura coffee machines come in different sizes; you have to choose which is suitable for your kitchen countertop or galley style kitchen. The bigger the size, the more it will have features like specialties or coffee strength, but the price and weight will also be high. On the other hand, the smaller the size, the fewer will features ( not so much difference), low weight, and reasonable price. If you want to buy for the office, go with the big size, but the smaller Jura coffee machines are perfect for the home.

 Coffee strength:

Although all the Jura coffee machines can make 3 coffee strengths as low, medium, and high, some have more than 3 coffee strength options. In my opinion, 3, coffee strength capability is more than enough. but If you want more, then select consciously


Check the number of specialties the Jura machine is providing. All the Jura coffee machines give Coffee, ristretto, and espresso, but if you want other options like cappuccinos, milk foam Coffee, two coffees, two espressos, lungo, or more, then these. So carefully opt for the one which has your desired brews making options.

Comparison Table:

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee MachineJura D6 Automatic Coffee MachineView Price
Jura A1 Automatic Coffee machineJura A1 Automatic Coffee MachineView Price
Jura E.N.A. Automatic Coffee machineJura E.N.A. Automatic Coffee machineView Price
Jura S8 Automatic Coffee machineJURA S8 Automatic Coffee MachineView Price
Jura E6 automatic coffee centerJura E6 Automatic Coffee CenterView Price

1. Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine

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  • L.E.D. with plain text
  • Connects with mobile and tablets 
  • Self-cleaning 
  • Two cups at a time
  • Easy to operate
  • Intelligent water system 
  • AromaG2 integrated grinder
  • Adaptable
  • 7 specialties
  • Programmable
  • 7 oz bean container
  • 64 oz water tank

Jura D6  is an incredible coffee, cappuccino, and espresso maker. It has so many advanced features which make you fall in love with this machine.Aromag2 grinder automatically grinds the beans without losing their natural flavor. It has different types of compartments so that you can enjoy your favorite beans’ flavors. You can easily make your Coffee as it is attachable to mobile phones and tablets.

It has beautiful L.E.D. Display which makes it attractive and easy to process. Water filters purify the water, and  Its Intelligent water system notifies the time of changing the filter. They make your coffee flavor enrich. It makes cleaning so easy with its built-in cleaning process, and this filtration system also protects it from scaling.

It can prepare six specialty coffees. This is perfect for one who wants to taste different types of drinks. Full of flavor and aroma Coffee can be ready in less than 60 seconds with its pulse extraction process. So whether you are going to the office or are getting late for college, this Jura D6 will give your desired milk foam cappuccino quickly without compromising on taste.

I would recommend this if you want great-tasting brewed Coffee, cappuccinos with advanced processing.


Prepares Two cups of coffee at a time Small size  Easily clean up Perfect grinding of beans Easy to understand set up Good customer service


Make only an 8oz cup. Dark roasted beans can go clogging.


2. Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Machine

   Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Machine

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  • Adjustable spout 
  • AromaG3 grinder
  • Pulse Extraction Process 
  • Adjustable shut-off time
  • Auto clean
  • Adjustable spout 
  • 2 strength setting
  • 3 specialties 

Jura A1is an outstanding automatic coffee machine that prepares smooth aroma rich coffee at a push of one button. This improved version of Jura coffee machines has an AromaG3 grinder, Pulse Extraction Process, and adjustable spout.AromaG3 grinder perfectly grinds the beans and does not leave any coarseness. Thanks to the Pulse Extraction Process to give us the full flavor and aroma of Coffee.

You do not need to spend extra on ristretto and espresso. It has 3 specialties with two strength settings. You can enjoy their taste at the push of one button (Coffee).

The features which I like the most are adjustable spout and shut-off time. You can prepare your intended size of the cup. You just need to put any of your pot under the spout, set the shut-off time, and get quick made Coffee.

It has a cleaning feature and water filtration system that will make your Coffee more hygienic and tasty. The features that this machine has usually come to expensive machines. So if you want to get superb Coffee in pocket-friendly amounts, go with this Jura coffee machine.


Micro size  Easily clean up adjustable spoutAdjustable turn-off  Fine grinding of beansEasy to use Useless CoffeePocket friendly Quick to brew Coffee


The water tank is small. You can not make more than one cup at a single shot.

3  Jura E.N.A. 1 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura E.N.A. Automatic Coffee machine

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  • Self-cleaning
  • 3 specialties 
  • Super Automatic 
  • Cheap
  • Grinder buttons
  • Compact size
  • 37-oz. water tank
  • 4.4-oz. Bean hopper 

Jura E.N.A. 1 is compact size and cheap but makes great Coffee. It has 3 water settings and three beans of concentration settings. It can automatically add minimum water to make concentrated ristretto with one touch. It would add some more water to prepare espresso. For Coffee, it would use the largest amount of water.

The Beans container is covered to ensure the freshness of beans. The water tank has water softener filters so that the original taste of water would retain. It has an indicator system to alert you at the time of filter changing. Washing and cleaning are done by themselves; you just have to drain the tray water after cleaning.

You can get your desired hotness of Coffee as it has three high, medium, and low-temperature settings. The amount of water and strength of the Coffee is also programmable.

This is a fantastic coffee and espresso maker machine. Its small size but excellent features make it more lovable. ( It will be your best partner for a long tour).


 Compact size for kitchen cabinets  Self-cleaning Adjustable turn-off You can set the fineness of beans. Pocket-friendly Programmable Alert you at the time of changing filters and cleaning the bin.Quick to brew perfect Coffee


Sometimes it alerts you to clean the bin before time. Do not make frothy milk brew.

4 JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

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  • 16 specialties 
  • Fine Foam FrotherG2 
  • AromaG3 grinder 
  • Operational instructions
  • Perfect milk foam
  • Self-cleaning
  • Pulse extraction process(P.E.P.)
  • One-touch processes

This versatile Jura coffee machine is extremely good for those who love to taste different types of barista-style brews. It can make 16 specialties, including flat white and latte macchiato. The feature which I love is Fine Foam FrotherG2, which can make perfect top milk foam specialties.

All the instructions are displayed to positioned the dial required for the specialty you want. You can also get your desired milk texture—color display with 8 programmable positioned in front for your convenience.

It can clean itself after every process. The water filtration inside the water tank prevents the scaling and alert you at the time of changing. This Jura coffee machine is superautomatic. All the given instructions and functions are easy to understand.No doubt; this is costly. Still, the taste, flavor, aroma, easy to work, programmable features, and wide variation drinks have made this Jura machine worthy.


Full flavor and aroma retain in CoffeeAlways clean itself Easy to maintain  Super-automaticVast forms of brewsFlat white milk foamy-catching look


Frothing head changes for getting hor water separately Temperature is not set after frothing(other brews have a good temperature) Costly ( but worthy)


5 Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Center

E6 Automatic Coffee Center

View Price


  • The exclusive pulse extraction process 
  • 6 types of brews 
  • G3 grinder
  • 63.6-ounce removable reservoir
  • T.F.T. color display
  • Interchangeable milk sprout

Jura E6 is not just upgraded in features but also raised to a higher standard in Coffee taste. It is a fully automatic machine that gives you 6 types of brews, including cappuccino, espresso, milk foam Coffee, two coffees, two espressos with perfect flavor. The G3 grinder makes fineness beans powder without wasting them.

 Whole pulse extraction processes do not compromise the aroma and full flavor of the Coffee. It has a precise cleaning system. It cleans itself, and the fitting of parts back is accurate. It’s all features display in front for ease. You can make your partner coffee with your cup at a time. It is an easy, programmed eco-friendly Jura coffee machine.

This coffee machine is no doubt a bit costly but is a one-time investment to give you thousands of coffee cups for years at home. They give 2 years of warranty.


 It gives you Americano in one touch Self-cleaning Programmed Precise fitting of cleaning pantsless Leftover


Coffee powder is not acceptable Oily beans clog in it



         Jura coffee machines have a lustrous look and are fully automatic and programmed for your convenience. They are continuously updating themselves to serve their users with excellent Coffee and other brews.

 These coffee machines are eco-friendly, hygienic, and easy to maintain for daily use. All the above 5 best Jura machines I have reviewed are outstanding.  If you have less budget and don’t want not so many elements in the machine, then pick Jura D6 A1 or E.N.A. 1, but if you can afford a fully-featured and variant drinks coffee maker, then don’t hesitate to select Jura S8 or E6.