Can You Use Other Pods in Aldi Coffee Machine

A Guide to Aldi Coffee Pods

Are you looking for substitute pods for your Aldi coffee machine? Every coffee lover and professional working person needs to get this answer. It is difficult to find the same pod for your machine. Or sometimes you face an availability issue. That is the reason, why every person who buys the coffee machine considers the option of pods in view.

Can You Use Other Pods in Aldi Coffee Machine

Every company’s coffee machines have their specific pods but some machines have the alternate for your problem.  For making it easier, you need to get the answer to your question that can you use other pods in Aldi coffee machine? You need not worry anymore. You’re at the right place. But before jumping directly towards the answer, you must know a piece of short information about pods of ALDI coffee machines. Let us discuss it briefly.

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List of ALDI Coffee Pods

There are different pods that ALDI offers in different flavors.

Expressi Abruzzu

It is a dark flavor that gives a smoky cocoa smell. It gives a creamy flavor to your coffee. It would be a better option to choose the pod of the same company to enjoy a real coffee.

Expressi Organic

This organic flavor shows that the products of Aldi are organic and they are making their name in the world by making pure products. These organic pods give a natural flavor to your coffee.

Expressi Torino

It gives an intense dark chocolaty flavor to your coffee. It is creamy and gives you a pleasant smell.

Expressi La Spezia

It has a taste of sweet berry as well as herbals. It makes medium acidity also.

Expressi Renzo

It is a medium dark coffee having a taste of red berry. It also makes medium acidity. The body of this flavor is really smooth.

Expressi Tauro

It has an intensity level of five. It gives a flavor of malty and nuts. This would be a plus point for using the same company’s pods because it gives a wide range of variety of flavors.

Expressi Calabrese

Hint of pepper is found in this flavor. It is also an intense flavor of the coffee. It also has a creamy and smooth body. Its body is unique as compared to other flavors.

Expressi Milano

It is an Italian style coffee. You must try this flavor if you want to taste the coffee of Italy.


Expressi also offers other flavors besides coffees such as milk drinks and hot chocolate.

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 Alternative Pods for Aldi Coffee Machine

Aldi coffee machines are the finest quality machines in the market. You must choose this as your coffee machine but before you buy this don’t forget to take your answer to the question that can you use other pods in Aldi coffee machine? According to Aldi, you can use only the pods with the K-fee system logo because only the pods of K-fee will fit in it. It doesn’t matter you buy it from a brand or anywhere else. But other brands will not fit in the Aldi coffee machine.

So there is no visible change. You are still restricted within K-fee and Aldi. Anyways, if you go with the K-fee system option then here is the list of some K-fee system pods that you can use in Aldi coffee machines.

  • K-fee
  • K-fee empire
  • K-fee square
  • K-fee Wave

You can use other ranges of K-fee also that fit your machine. Don’t ignore the dimensions of your machine as it can cause an issue in the end.

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Can I use Aldi Pods More Than One Time?

Everyone wants to use the pods several times but Aldi didn’t provide this facility yet.  You cannot use Aldi pods several times. But if you want to make a large cup then you should go to the programming settings to have a large cup of coffee. By setting the cup programming option you can raise the water in a cup or you can simply add hot water from your machine.

Is it Possible to Recycle the Aldi Pods?

As the question can you use other pods in Aldi coffee machine? appears in your mind in the same way you may also have this question in your mind after some time that whether it’s possible to recycle the Aldi pods. At present time, this facility is not available but Aldi is working on it. Aldi is putting so much effort into making its pods reusable because these are the plus points in these coffee pods. And everyone wants this change in the pods. You must not lose hope. As Aldi is going to win your hearts very soon.

How Much Do These Pods Cost

Aldi has not made it difficult for one to buy these pods. The pods are very reasonable depending upon their quality and quantity. Mostly, it has sixteen pods in one packet and it costs 5.99 dollars. You can buy these pods from any online store or the website of Aldi. You must go and buy them for sure to make your coffee truly tasteful at this cost.

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Looking for the options is your right. And we care about it that’s why we have answered your question that can you use other pods in Aldi coffee machine? There is no option for the alternative pods except for K-free system pods. In short, in this way you are also confined to limited options. You cannot have multiple options of pods to use in your Aldi coffee machine. However, using Aldi coffee machines would be very suitable for you as it is improving its quality with time. You can go for it as is reasonable also.

We hope that this article would be very helpful for you and you will surely get your answer to your required question.