How To Make Coffee In Espresso Machine

How to make coffee in espresso machine? Step by step tutorial for a perfect cup:

Do you want to have a perfect cup of coffee every day at home? Well, this is only possible when you have a good coffee machine at home. But wait, what did you say? You have an espresso machine! Now everything is simpler with every means. Now today, we will tell you how to make coffee in espresso machine.

How To Make Coffee In Espresso Machine

Coffee is not just a drink. Sometimes it’s an expression. A coffee taste can change up your whole mood as well as your daily activities. Ever been grumpy just because you don’t get a perfect shot of coffee? If you have, then we are in the same lane. We know the importance of coffee in your body, so that’s why we will give you a step-by-step tutorial on making coffee in espresso machine.

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Now groom up your espresso machine as it will be doing some hard work related to coffee making.

The simple way to make coffee in espresso machine:

Espresso machines are pretty simple to use. You need to take care of only some things for a perfect coffee cup; these include grind, extraction time, frothing, and perfect tamping. You can leave the other things on the machine to do by it. It includes four to dive simple steps depending on you, like your espresso coffee with or without milk.

Here is the basic guide of how to make coffee in espresso machine to new a perfect shot for your busy morning.

Prep your machine:

Please turn on your espresso machine and fill it with warm water in the water holding tank. It may take few minutes. Till then, you can do the grinding step as mentioned below.

Grind your beans:

This is the most important part of how to make coffee in espresso machine is grind. As the grind decides your coffee flavor, it usually depends on people’s taste, but we can tell you a few points to select your grind.


  • A coarse grind will give you acidic, dilute, and watery coffee with a light brown color
  • A fine grind will provide a strong and concentrated brew with an almost black color


So choose the grind size and selection according to your choice and taste. Ideally, the brew is golden brown with crema. We recommend using freshly ground coffee that you can make in a built grinder present in an espresso machine or a separate burr grinder.

Tip: do not leave beams in the beam container because there are some chances that they might go stale because of continuous contact with air and moisture.

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Portafilter it:

After grinding fresh coffee beans according to your desired size:


  1. Put them in the portafilter.
  2. If you are using a built-in grinder in an espresso machine, put it directly in the port filter.
  3. After putting your coffee grind in the portafilter, do the following measures for even tamping.
  • Even out the surface with the back of the spoon or with your fingers.
  • Tap a little bit on the ground to remove the air of the present.

After putting the coffee beams there, the following is the next step.

Tamp down:

It is a crucial part of how to make coffee in espresso machine. Tamping is simply pressing your coffee ground in a portafilter to give perfect and uniform extraction later.  You can perform tamping in the following way.


  • Level your grounds in a portafilter.
  • Then so tamping by pressing it down vertically at a 90° angle. If you go for even a slight tilt, your puck would be uneven.
  • Use a light but firm pressure in tamping.
  • Spin the tamper so you can get an even surface.
  • Take it out and remove the excess that is present.

Your tamping should be perfect even. If they are not, there could be changes in the coffee flavors.


Also known as extraction, it is done within the range of 20 to 30 seconds. When your coffee is poured, there would be a warm crema, which means your coffee is perfect. Extraction majorly depends on ground beans size and usually gives flavors according to it.

Milk steaming:

We discussed the importance of steam wand before; this is where it comes in hand. Use the frothing wand in the following way


  • Turn on your steamer wand
  • Pour cold milk into your stainless steel pitcher
  • Now put the steamer just below the surface of the milk.
  • Milk will start to foam
  • You can stir milk for uniform frothing
  • Now turn off the steamer when the desired foaming is reached.
  • Pull out the pitcher from the wand.

You can put room temperature milk .but the advantage of adding cold milk for steaming that it gives you maximum control at frothing. Remember not to over froth your milk, or it will separate when poured in the coffee brew. For the safe side, keep a milk thermometer and do not hear up your milk more than 70°c.

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Pour the foamy milk:

Now pour some frothy milk into your shot and viola! Perfect home-based coffee is made within few minutes. Now it depends on you if you enjoy your coffee with or without milk.

Final verdict:

These simple steps mentioned above are the easiest guide to how to make coffee in espresso machine within few minutes. You can enjoy freshly brewed and flavorful coffee without rushing towards the nearest coffee shop. All you need is to practice the art of coffee making. You may also read What To Look For In An Espresso Machine

There are five crucial steps (and seven, including the mill pouring) for a road to a perfect coffee brew. But in general, the part where the flavour resides is in the coffee grind. No matter how expensive your beans are, your whole coffee will become a mess once it is not ground ideally. Besides grinding and tamping, all the steps are easy, which you can master with few practices.

We hope that this article is the final answer to coffee making question. We can’t wait until you make your very first espresso shot at home. Thanks for reading this article; we hope to see you soon.