How to Keep Knives from Rusting

The Advanced Guide to How To Keep Knives From Rusting:

Knife rusting is the worst thing one can face in the kitchen. You protect your knives to avoid rusting, but still, it doesn’t work. What’s the reason behind that? You will get to know all the answers related to knife rusting here so that you will be able to know how to keep knives from rusting. Knives are the most used utensils in the kitchen. If your knives are rusted, you cannot use them or place them in your kitchen. Now, let us discuss how this all process occurs and how to avoid it.

How to Keep Knives from Rusting


What is Rusting?

The oxidation-reduction that occurs through the contact of moisture, water, and oxygen is known as rusting. Rusting is corrosion that usually occurs in many kitchen utensils. This corrosion degrades the utensils completely, which is considered extremely dangerous for them. Fear not! Here is the complete guide related to the issues of knife rusting. Before jumping on the main topic, you should know about the materials of the knife.

Material of Knives

Different knives have different materials. You must know about the blade of your knife so that you can protect it in a better way.

Different materials are used in knives blades, but carbon steel and stainless steel are most frequently used. Each knife’s quality depends upon the material of its blade.

Stainless Steel

It is a combo of iron and carbon. It has 10.5% chromium also. Chromium makes a passive layer over the seel to protect it. These knives are resistant to corrosion.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is vulnerable to rust. Moreover, it is brittle and needs a lot of maintenance. In extremely acidic conditions, it can turn black.

What is The Cause of Knife Rusting

After knowing about the material of the knives, It’s time to identify the cause behind the knife rusting. As discussed above, rusting is the combination of iron, oxygen, and water, which shows that you need only these things to create rust. Every knife has iron in its blade, and when you use water over it, it creates rust. No one can keep the knives away from water as well as from oxygen. Then you should know why and which of your knives are in danger of rusting and how to keep knives from rusting.  

Stainless Steel Knife Rusting

Stainless steel knife contains chromium which protects them against rusting. Chromium acts with oxygen before the iron and prevents the process of rusting. That is why stainless steel knife is somehow safe from rusting.

Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are more close to the danger of rusting. In the kitchen, your knives get moisture, and you usually wash them after every use, and it is now clear that the moisture and water have a direct relation to rusting. It is important to keep them protected for better use.

How to Keep Knives From Rusting

It is the most important question one can ask. Because it’s the main problem, people face with their knives. There are different ways through which you can avoid rusting. Try these effective steps to make your knives long-lasting.

Keep the Knife Clean and Dry

While using your knife, you must take care of one thing. It would be best if you did not wash your knife again and again because it will cause rusting. After every use, clean it with a piece of slightly wet cloth and try to keep it as drier as you can. Because if your knife is dry, the process of rusting cannot occur. You can save your knife by keeping it clean and dry. Because in our daily life the knife is so important and the cleaner knife is healthy whether its butter knife or the other one.

Avoid the Use of Dishwasher

Don’t use a dishwasher for cleaning your knives. A dishwasher is a liquid, and soaking your knives in a dishwasher for a long time can cause rusting. As described above, liquid, moisture, and heat are not good for your knives. If it is necessary to use a dishwasher, try to wash your knife immediately and dry it. Don’t forget to read the product information. If the product information says that the dishwasher is safe for this knife, you can use it.

Lessen the Use of Acids

Try to limit the use of acids. Don’t cut acidic fruits with knives because the carbon steel reacts with the acids that can cause rusting. Try to rinse your knife after cutting the acidic fruits, or you can use baking soda. Baking soda weakens the reaction between carbon steels and acids.

Use of Oil

You have heard that oil prevents rust. Use a layer of oil on your knives once or twice a week. Use the oiling method on every type of knife, and you will see magical results.

How to Remove Rust from Knife

Is it possible to remove rust from your knife? Yes. It’s possible. Here are two different steps which you can follow to remove the rust from your knives.

Use of Vinegar

You can use vinegar to remove the rust. White vinegar is the best for this process. Following are the steps to remove rust with the help of vinegar.

  • Take one cup of white vinegar.
  • Soak your knife blade into it for at least 5 minutes.
  • Take it out and clean it with a piece of cloth.

Use of Baking Soda

You can use baking soda for rust removal.

  • At first, clean the knife blade and remove unwanted material.
  • Take baking soda and a little water. Make the paste of it.
  • Apply it on the knife with the help of any brush.
  • The reaction will occur between baking soda and rust.
  • You can remove it when the reaction is over.


Preventing your knife from rusting is very important to keep it working for a long time. Never ignore rusting, as it can completely degrade your knives. Put attention over it and save your knives. I hope that this article on how to keep knives from rusting will solve your problem.

Try these methods to get instant results. In the end, if you want a knife that doesn’t create rusting and you don’t want to follow these steps, then expensive stainless knives are perfect for your use. But sometimes the question comes to my mind that why is there a whole in butcher knives and at last I found the detailed answer and I have explained in this mentioned article.