Heating Element in Oven Broke in Two February 2022

How to Examine Heating Element in an Oven

Are you noticing some unusual changes in your oven but don’t understand how to resolve them. We are here to guide you about your Oven. These unusual changes might occur due to the heating element of an oven. But don’t panic. It is the reality that when you bought the oven you have thought that it will work for so long. However, it’s the machinery and it is the fact that it needs repairing at some point. You cannot save it from harm for a long time. It is not safe to use your oven if its heating element is damaged or broken. Read this ultimate guide to get all your answers related to the heating element of your oven.

Heating Element in Oven Broke in Two

What Does the Term Heating Element Mean?

The heating elements are the baking coils. These coils are situated inside your oven on the back wall. These heating elements heat your food properly.  Heating elements are the major source of heating in an oven.  These are the sensitive parts of the ovens. One should always take care of it for the proper functioning of an oven.

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How Does the Heating Element Work?

It is necessary to understand the working of the heating element to make its concept clear. Because before you consider that your heating element in oven broke in two you must know how it works and what causes it to break.

Coming up to the working of heating elements, it changes the electric energy to the heat energy. Your circuit provides energy to the oven. That electric energy heats the oven because when you provide a large amount of electricity to anything it becomes hot. This heat fills up your oven when you close it. Then the heat that is provided to your oven is used to cook or heat your food.

How to Examine Heating Element?

It is an important point that how you will identify that the unusual changes in your oven are due to the breakage of the heating element. You must know how to examine your oven. If you will not pay attention to your oven, a dangerous situation can occur.

You can diagnose your oven by following ways.

  • If you notice that the heating element of your oven is burnt then it could be the reason for the unusual working of your oven.
  • If you heat your food so much or you use your oven carelessly then there is the possibility that heating element in oven broke in two.
  • After a long time of heating, if your food is still uncooked then surely there is a problem with the heating element.
  • The color of the heating element is bright orange. If you observe some changes in that color then it is the symbol of breakage of heat elements.


Why does Heating Elements of Oven Break?

There are certain reasons due to which heating elements of an oven can break. You must take care of it because if you will use your oven with proper care then it can work for a long time.

But if you will not keep these things in your mind, then surely you will suffer from different problems regarding your oven.


  • Careless use of an oven and broilers can cause the heating element in oven broke in two. It is better to take proper care while using it.
  • High temperatures can result in the breakage of heating elements. When you will heat it to an extent it will collapse. Because you cannot provide it the energy it cannot bear.
  • If you observe light cracks on the heat elements then avoid heating them. Because current will not flow in it properly. These cracks will not allow the current to pass through it. It can result in a blast. So it’s better not to use it.
  • If after cooking the food, you notice that your oven has become dirty then it is also the warning sign that your heating element will break.

How to Repair the Broken Heating Element?

Your kitchen appliances are incomplete without an oven. If you love baking or you don’t like to heat your food in the pans then you cannot survive without an oven in the kitchen. It has become necessary for all households.

But the problem occurs when you feel some unusual changes in your oven. It can affect your mood also. If the heating element in oven broke in two then it’s time to repair it. You can repair the parts of the oven by yourself if you feel it is convenient or you can take the help of any professional.

It is suitable to fix it with help of some experts because if you don’t know this work well then the problems may increase by your trials. There are different part numbers in this element. You must know about these parts so that you can change them.

Secondly, you must know the model of your oven. Because most models of an oven have unique heating elements. If your oven is branded or you have bought the original one from the company then it’s better to contact that company for repairing purposes.

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An oven is the only option to cook when you don’t want to put so much effort into cooking. But for that, you must put some attention to your oven. If your oven helps you in your busy time then it also deserves some care from your side. Take care of your oven in a proper manner.

But if still, you feel that your oven is not working properly, then it has some problem with it. Examine the oven by the steps described to identify whether heating element in oven broke in two or not. If it’s broken then you must take help from professionals to repair it. This is the most preferred way to save your oven.

But it is not possible if the model of your oven is too old. Because is not going to work forever. It has to collapse one day and it’s the reality.