Difference between Keurig k425 vs. k475


Are you still confused about the difference between Keurig k425 and k475? It is not happening with only you. Many of us are going through this confusion. We have come up with a solution to this problem. Now you don’t have to be confused anymore because in this article you will get all the answers to your questions in detail.

Difference between Keurig k425 vs. k475

Keurig has solved our huge problem by introducing its fantastic collection of coffee makers. Now you can get your coffee easily anytime. Keurig has been introducing so many models to make you more comfortable which has confused us about it. The range of these coffee makers is enormous that you don’t even understand which one to choose or which one to left.

The same thing happened with the models k425 and k475. By their looks, it feels the same. It is quite difficult to recognize their models. And the question arises if they are the same then what is the need to introduce a new model was.

Before coming up directly with our answer let us have a look at the main features of both models.

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Main Features

Both the models k425 and k475 have come up with fascinating features. There is no difference between Keurig k425 and k475 apparently but if you see it with little focus then you can observe the changes.  You cannot resist buying these budget-friendly coffee makers. Let us discuss their features briefly.

The Water Reservoir

The water reservoir of both models can carry 70 ounces of water. Moreover, the water reservoir of these models is removable also. This means you can have so many cups of coffee without any problem.


The display of these models gives a classy look. These models have a 2.4 color touch display which increases their beauty.

The Brew Size

K425 and k475 present 11 different brew sizes which is the main and most dominating feature. These models are the best way to make your coffee in one minute. It’s the plus point of both models. Now your cup of coffee is not far from you.

Control of Strength and Temperature

If you are fond of strong coffee or light coffee then still Keurig has cared for you. Both of the models have come up with temperature and strength control. There are different settings through which you can make your coffee according to your taste. You can have your strong coffee on your table by taking just one step.  There is still no difference between Keurig k425 and k475 with respect to their strength and temperatures which shows that they work in the same way.

The Drip Tray

The drip tray in both of the models is removable which adds more spark to them.

Auto on/off Setting

In these models, there is an option of auto-switching. You can set the timer after which the machine will stop working or start working again. This feature is quite helpful for people with their busy routines.

Dimensions of keurig k425 and k475

These models do not differ in their sizes also. The dimensions of both of the machines are 13.63 × 10.43 × 13.45.

Taste of the Coffee

Whenever you will try the coffee from both of the machines and if you’re asked to recognize which cup of coffee is made of which model then surely you are going to lose.  Because the taste of the coffee will be the same.

Difference Between Keurig k425 and k475

As we have discussed before it is very difficult to differentiate both models based on their appearance. Both of the models look like each other. Then what is the major difference to identify the changes in these models?

There is no rocket science in identifying these changes. The only difference between Keurig k425 and k475 is the change in their accessories. K475 has been introduced with six K cup pods that are reusable and have a plastic body. A mesh filter screen is also a part of it. Moreover, k475 has a water filter handle and a water filter kit which makes both of the models different.  These water filter handles are also removable. Two extra charcoal filters also play an important role in this model as it allows only the pure water to be used in your coffee.

These accessories play an important role if you want pure coffee and don’t have any way of filtering your water. This difference makes k475 more fascinating.

Which One Should You Choose

If you’re going to buy one of them then you must know about your needs. Because if you are looking for some extra features and you think that you need a water filter and a variety of K cup pods then you should go for k475 otherwise k425 would be a better option for you. Your final decision should depend on your own choice. Because except for these accessories there is no highlighting difference between them. So you can choose any of them.

Drawbacks of Keurig k475 and k425

Besides the advantages of Keurig machines, there are some drawbacks also. There is no machine in the world which is perfect. Nothing is completely perfect in this world. The reason for discussing the drawbacks is to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of these machines. You cannot control the noise of the machines while it is making your coffee. It might be disturbing during your work. Secondly, there is no option of connecting these machines to the main point of water. You have to refill it again and again for your work. Moreover, if you love frothing on your coffee then it is not possible with even any kind of coffee machine.

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Keurig machines are a great change in the market. It has made the lives of the people very easy. But the only problem people were facing was regarding the models k475 and k425. In this article, we have discussed your question in detail. Both machines are the same but the only difference between Keurig k425 and k475 depends upon their accessories. K475 has some advanced accessories in it which include the water filter kit, water filter handle, and charcoal filters, etc. You can choose any one of them according to your requirements. If you want to choose advanced accessories then you must go for the advanced model that is k475. It will help you to make coffee with ease. We hope you find this article helpful.