Can Coffee Machines Make Tea? Simply Yes

Can You Make Tea in a Coffee Maker?

Whenever you make coffee, you must think that it is possible to make tea in such an easy way to make your coffee. Most people believe that making coffee and tea is the same as you use hot water in both of them. And if you have a coffee maker, what is the need for other types of equipment to hot your water. All these questions relate to the main question that can coffee machines make tea? Because it is necessary to make sure otherwise, it might cause problems to your device.

Your thoughts related to your coffee machine are indeed correct, but there is something wrong with this, which we will discuss below. However, it is not even challenging to make a tea but for your convenience, let us discuss this in detail.

Can Coffee Machines Make Tea

Can You Prepare Tea in Coffee Maker

Your mind is always stuck on why you can’t use your coffee machine to make your tea. There is no need to stick to this thought anymore because yes, coffee machines can make tea, but it depends upon the nature of tea as you can easily brew herbal tea in this machine, but it is not possible to brew teas like Black Tea and Green Tea.  Most of the coffee machines offer this facility, but it is not possible in every coffee machine. However, we will also discuss the method of making tea in it, but it is not the recommended way.

It is a coffee machine, and definitely, there is no difference as you heat the water in both conditions and fill the basket with whatever you want. But you don’t have to be so quick in this method. Please have a look at some drawbacks of this method to know why it is not a recommended way to make tea in a coffee maker.

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Why Making Tea in a Coffee Maker is not recommended

There are specific reasons due to which we do not recommend this. You can see the list below.

Precise Water Temperature

As discussed before, the primary issue you can face while making tea in the coffee machine is its temperature. Because you always set the temperature under the boiling point. Every tea has a different temperature. For example, for white tea and green tea, the temperature should be low, whereas, for black tea, the temperature should be the same as the temperature you use for optimal brewing.

Some teas need cold water for brewing. So, in simple words coffee maker does not provide you with a perfect temperature for your tea. The temperature of the water would be too high or too low. If your tea got too hot water, it would result in bitter tea, and if it doesn’t get appropriately heated water, your tea will not cook properly.

Coffee Maker’s Steep Time

You cannot let it know about the soaking time for your tea leaves in a coffee machine. In short, some tea leaves need to soak for a certain period. Otherwise, your cup of tea would be weak. It is the major drawback of making your tea in the coffee machine.

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Coffee Maker is not a Proper Way of Making Tea

The question can coffee machines make tea? It was right, but if you are a true tea lover, you will surely not ruin your cup of tea because you will not have a perfect teacup with the coffee maker. Through a coffee machine, you will not get your tea according to your taste. You must try to have a loose tea leaf and make a perfect cup of tea according to your liking because if your tea would not get proper temperature nor the leaf will be soaking correctly, you can never have an excellent solid or light cup of tea through this machine.

Cleaning of a Coffee Maker

Before making tea in a coffee maker, you would have to put so much effort into cleaning your coffee maker because if you do not clean it, you will indeed have a mixture of tea and coffee as there will be residues of coffee inside your coffee maker. So it is necessary to clean it properly with hot water or vinegar. So, rather than putting so much effort into it, you should choose the proper and accurate method for making your tea.

Process of Making Tea in Coffee Maker


  • Clean your coffee maker properly with hot water.
  • Pick the filter out and check if any coffee residue is present, then clean it.
  • You can use some drops of vinegar to clean the basket and the whole area.
  • Now, if you have cleaned the machine properly, then put this vinegar out from your device.
  • Clean it with a damp cloth at the end.
  • Don’t forget to clean the carafe also.
  • Once again, wash it all with hot water so that you can clean any residue or smell left in it.
  • Now put your tea in the basket.
  • Keep in view that you use the amount as described on the pack.
  • Switch on the coffee machine.
  • You can get your tea after some time.


You have bought one coffee machine, and whenever you want to drink coffee, you use coffee of any brand, and you get your cup of coffee at your table. But this is not the same for tea. In this article, we have answered the question that can coffee machines make tea? We hope you get your desired answer, but we would not recommend a coffee maker for making tea in the final thoughts. A coffee maker is made for making coffee, not for tea. There are different tea infusers which you can use for this purpose. These infusers will maintain the temperature of your tea as there will be no steep time issues.

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Moreover, if you only have a brewing issue for tea leaf, there is also a solution. You can brew these leaves in a glass of water also. Try not to go for the option of a coffee maker if you want to enjoy a natural cup of tea.

We hope that you find this article helpful.