Does a Range Hood Need a Dedicated Circuit? No


Installing a range hood in your kitchen is not as a simple step as it feels. You have to put so much attention to this because you have to pass an inspection test. You have to install it properly so that there would be no danger from it. There are different rules made by NEC. You must follow these rules of NEC for the inspection test. For following such steps, you must have information on the range hood and its installation process.

There are different ways for the installation of a range hood in the kitchen but let us first discuss our main question. Does a range hood need a dedicated circuit? No, Rangehood doesn’t need any dedicated circuit for the connection. But you can’t even use your kitchen smallholder. You can use a lighting circuit or hardwire to connect your range hood. These are the safer ways to use the range hood in the kitchen.

Does a Range Hood Need a Dedicated Circuit

Here are some ways through which you can install your range hood and by following these ways you can never fail the inspection test.

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Using a Lighting Circuit

You can use a lighting circuit for connecting your range hood. The receptacle which is on the lighting circuit can be used for your range hood. But you should not forget some major points while using this lighting circuit.

  • It should be connected to a single receptacle.
  • Proper access to the receptacle should be present.
  • Don’t use the chord that is over 4ft.
  • Keep in mind that the chord you are using should be a grounding-type plug.
  • Don’t rate your range hood higher than the rating of the branch circuit. Keep 50% as your maximum rating. While buying your range hood, make sure about its rating so that you cannot face any issues while installing it.

For ensuring that you can use this method we have mentioned the codes which prove that you can use this method to pass the inspection test.

  • NEC 210.23 A2
  • NEC 210.23 A
  • NEC 422.16 B4

Use of Hardwire With Lighting Circuit

You can also use a hardwire with a lighting circuit to connect your range hood. The question does a range hood need a dedicated circuit? is getting its answers clearly that this is not the only or necessary method to connect your range hood. You can use hardwiring by following some of the conditions to pass the inspection tests.

  • You have to follow the rating method here also. Don’t forget to check the rating of your range hood. It should not be higher than 50 % as compared to the branch circuit.
  • Before using the hardwiring make sure that your range hood supports the hardwiring.

Following are the codes to make sure that you can use this method.

  • NEC 210.23 A2
  • NEC 210.23 A

Use of Hardwire With Dedicated Circuit

Connecting your range hood in a kitchen requires your attention. Using the hardware with a dedicated circuit is allowed according to the rules. So, there is no need to worry about the inspection test. There are no certain rules to follow in this process.

The only condition you have to follow in this step is a rating of the range hood. As we have discussed above the rating of the range hood should not be greater than 50% than the circuit.

General code for using hardwire to a dedicated circuit include NEC 210.22.

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Use of Receptacle on Dedicated Circuit

You can use a receptacle dedicated to connecting your range hood. But don’t confuse this with the question does a range hood need a dedicated circuit? Because you can use a receptacle on the dedicated circuit but it is only an option. No matter where you want to install your range hood the only thing you have to keep in your mind is that if you are going to follow this method then you have a large space for the breakers. Because in this method, breakers will take so much space. It is not possible to fix the breakers in a little space. But still, if you want to use this procedure you have to follow the following conditions.

  • Make sure that the receptacle is not far away from the range hood. It should be accessible.
  • The length of the cord should not exceed 1.2m.
  • The receptacle should be present to save yourself and the range hood from the damage
  • Double insulation should be present.
  • Ground taping is also important t for this process.

The relevant codes for this process are given below


  • NEC 422.16 B 4
  • NEC 210.22

The preferable way for installing your range hood is a lighting circuit.

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 Is It Possible To Use Kitchen Receptacle

If you are going to use the kitchen receptacle to connect your kitchen range then keep some important things in your notice.

The circuits with which you connect your small appliances are not higher than 5.5ft. It is not possible to put it in the cabinets also. While it is necessary to place the range hood higher. So if the range hood is placed higher then the circuit through which it is connected should also be at the high place.

According to the rules of NEC, it is not allowed to connect any other appliance on the circuit that is made for the small appliances.


In this article, the question does a range hood need a dedicated circuit? has been discussed in detail. It does not need any dedicated circuits either you can choose other methods which include hard wiring or lighting circuit etc. For these methods, you have some conditions also that are not too much difficult to fulfil. However, for passing the inspection tests it is necessary to fulfil these conditions.

We hope that this article cleared all the confusion in your mind regarding the installation of the range hood.