Why Is There a Hole in Butcher Knives? The Surprising Reason

The Intermediate Guide to Why Is There A Hole In Butcher Knives:

Are you planning to cook chicken in a short time but worried because it’s frozen? Don’t let your tension ruin your dinner because a Butcher knife is the best thing you could have in your kitchen. Chopping, slicing, or dicing. Everything is possible with this only tool.

On the one hand, it is the most loved tool of butchers because it’s easy to chop the meat with it, but on the other hand, it’s the best tool for those who don’t want to put so much effort into slicing the meat and then cook. It is a great knife having a handle and a large steel blade. Unfortunately, this steel blade has a hole at the top end. But what is the purpose behind this hole? Why is there a hole in butcher knives? Get rid of this thought now.

Why Is There a Hole in Butcher Knives


Why do Meat cleavers have a hole?

A meat cleaver is a heavyweight knife that is used for cutting the meat. It comes with different designs, but the function is the same. Butchers use this cleaver every day as their profession depends upon such tools. They fulfil their duty by using such cleavers, which help them to cut the meat into different pieces and help to smash it. Moreover, the heavy blade helps to put pressure over the meat and the bones. Due to this, the butchers do not have to exert so much pressure over it. Besides the use of the blade, there is a hole over it.

Why Is There A Hole In Butcher Knives?

Everything is made for a reason. If there is a hole in the meat cleaver, then obviously, there is some philosophy in it. These are the large knives that you cannot put in your drawers. Even you cannot put them into a knife block. The hole in a butcher’s knife helps to hang them in a safe place. Moreover, while cutting the meat, this hole provides the resistance to improve the cutting process. 

Reasons behind the Hole in a Meat Cleaver

There are different reasons behind this hole in a meat cleaver. It is not only the hole, but it’s the entire mystery meat cleaver hold in itself. Here are the following major reasons for the hole in the meat cleaver.

Friction Reduction

When you cut the bone, meat friction can increase and cause choking. To avoid this choking, the hole in the cleaver improves the aeration process, which reduces friction. This reduction in friction prevents bone shards.

Protective Hanging

You cannot leave the cleaver on your shelf or anywhere because it’s a heavy knife. If it falls on your floor, it can hurt you, and it is also dangerous for the floor. It is not possible to put this large tool in the drawer. Then what’s the solution. Where will you place it? Of course, it needs a large space. Here is a simple solution. The hole in the meat cleaver is used to hang it on the wall safely. Just hand it on the wall without tension because the hole is here to protect you from any danger.

Free to Pull

When you are cutting the meat or boney meat, your knife is stuck in it. It had happened to you many times. It happens with all the knives you use. If the meat is frozen, you face more difficulty while cutting it because it is hard to pull back your knife from frozen meat. The hole in a butcher knife is the solution to this problem. You can hold the upper part of the blade with your fingers. It will prevent you from a lot of struggle.

What is the Hole in a Knife Blade Used For

Now the reasons, for the hole in a knife are clear. Let us now discuss the other uses of the knife blade instead of cutting boney meat to know how we can use meat cleaver in other ways.

Cutting Fruits and Vegetables

Butcher’s knife is not made for only butchers. It is a great tool for you too. While cutting the fruits and vegetables at home, it is the best thing you can use in your kitchen. You can use the meat cleaver for chopping or slicing. There are different hard vegetables and fruits.

It is not easy to cut them with a plain knife or Butter Knife. Fruits such as pineapple and vegetables such as garlic or Black Garlic are tough to cut. A meat cleaver is the best option to choose in this situation.

Chicken slicing

Through a meat cleaver, you can cut the chicken into slices. The sharp blade of the cleaver has made the chicken cutting easy. You don’t have to cut it through a simple knife or Butter Knife as it’s difficult to do so. Most of the time, it doesn’t cut the chicken into slices. Instead, you can chop the chicken leg pieces and ribs easily.

Get out of this frustration and choose the meat cleavers to chop the chicken. Don’t forget that the professional butchers also use the same cleaver for this purpose. Save your time and money and enjoy cooking.

How to Use the Butcher’s Knife

You might think that a meat cleaver is a simple utensil one can use in the kitchen. But not everyone knows exactly how to use a meat cleaver in a kitchen. So let us discuss the steps of using meat cleaver one by one.

  • Place your cutting board on the solid shelf.
  • Choose the right direction. The direction of cutting depends upon the food you are cutting. You can choose the right angle by using a simple chef knife or Serrated Knife to choose the right one.
  • Grasp the cleaver strongly. Don’t fear.

How to Take Care of Your Meat Cleaver

It is important to take care of your meat cleaver. So please don’t ignore it because it needs your attention too.

  • You should perfectly maintain your knives. It will help if you give them proper attention. Mostly, meat cleavers do not get dull and last for a long time. But you should know the proper way of cleaning it. For example, you can use a piece of cloth and dip it in water. Then, wipe it from that cloth.
  • Don’t use water over it again and again. Prevent your cleaver from rusting. Clean it after every use with a dry cloth.
  • While buying, keep the quality in your mind because quality matters a lot. The best quality meat cleaver will last longer.

Few Things you should consider while buying a meat cleaver

Buying a meat cleaver is the best decision one can make. But don’t rush. Read the few things that you should see while purchasing a new meat cleaver.

 Size of Blade

You have heard that the meat cleavers have different lengths how you will differentiate. It’s simple. Short cleavers are better if you need a cleaver for cutting small meat, chicken, and vegetables. However, short cleavers are usually stuck in the bones, while the long ones are not accurate.

The Weight of Cleaver

The weight depends upon the length of the cleaver. The longer the length of the meat cleaver, the heavier the blade would be. It is because heavy cleavers cut Everything easily.

Handle of the Cleaver

Don’t use rigid or plastic handles. Such handles will break too easily. Instead, you should choose the best handles so that you can grip them in a better way. Epoxy resin handles are the most preferred ones.


It is not possible to use a plain knife or Serrated Knife for all purposes. From this article, you get to know that a meat cleaver is a necessary thing you should have in your kitchen. The main thing is you have learned why is there a hole in butcher knives? And what is the hole in a knife blade used for? We hope that your questions related to meat cleavers are now clear.